Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline December 2008
Fall Tune-Down and Chili Party
November 9, 2008
82 King Drive, Streamwood, IL

The weather didn’t cooperate with us as much as it did last year. But we still had a very good turn out. There were 19 attendees and 9 MG’s that arrived to be checked out. Dave “Cowboy” Bralich has a very cool garage floor mounted hydraulic lift so we were able to get many cars raised up to check things out. There were some oil changes completed as well as some small adjustments. Dave Peterson had some brake shoe adjustments done on his B.

The chili was plentiful and the company and conversations were great. Thanks so much to Cowboy for hosting another great Fall Tune Down.

An oil change on the left and a car going up the lift on the right

Cowboy helps Dave Peterson check out the brake shoes on his B.

Cruise to the Rock
November 27, 2008 - Chicago, Illinois

There is nothing better than to be driving our cars after everyone else has stopped driving theirs. We will have our traditional, “top down” cruise to celebrate the first automobile race in America on Thanksgiving Day in 1895.
We meet at the historical race monument (the rock) at 9:00 AM, the west side of the Museum of Science and Industry in historic Hyde Park. Expect there to be local cable TV coverage on the scene. There will be lunch afterward at Stage's Restaurant - 657 W 31st Street, Chicago, several blocks west of the Dan Ryan expressway
Please visit the club website at

Additional information as well as photos from previous trips is available there.

The Times Herald Race was originally scheduled for November 2, 1895, but the headline that day read “RUN IS POSTPONED.” Although there were over 75 prospective entries, on that date only two cars, both gasoline-powered, were ready and appeared for the race.

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