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Jim Evans The Steering Column
Left Hand Drive

from our President

I spent some time recently with another club member reflecting on some of the changes that have taken place in the club over the last few years, and some of the progress that has been made and some that hasn’t.
As a longtime member I have seen many aspects of the club over the years, some good and some questionable. Three years ago the time seemed right to me to exercise some influence over the events that were due to unfold in the near future. My candidacy for office at that time was questioned by some members, but I hope that they now respect the results of my efforts.
A volunteer based organization such as our club represents a management challenge that is occasionally difficult for some to work with. On the one hand, the club is fortunate to benefit from the receipt of services from members, many of whom are highly qualified professionals in the ”real world”, that would be quite expensive if purchased. On the other hand, the club deserves a fair and reasonable effort from all who assume volunteer positions, and that simply doesn’t always happen to the extent we would wish. With the absence of any true authority and no real “clout”, the challenge to produce results sometimes takes unexpected forms.
And so, we have had some good successes in the last three years, but have also had some “what happened?” scenarios. Some of the challenges were on the table at the start and some were brought on thereafter. On the balance, I think the overall results may not qualify for an A+ report card but certainly a B or above.
As a student of military history, and a longtime anglophile, I was at one time quite knowledgeable of the various wars, skirmishes, battles and the like that helped shape and hold the British Empire in its heyday. Amongst those actually producing results “out in the field”, a singular honor was to be “mentioned in the despatches” – those periodic communications back to the Queen from her generals reporting on their results.
In the spirit of that precedent, I would like to “mention in the despatches” the following contributors to the club over the last few years, listed here in no particular order or hierarchy:
Bill Reece – for taking the club newsletter to a new state of the art level and setting a new standard of quality and reliability.
Barney Gaylord – for “adopting” the club project car into his driveway when that was needed and providing the circumstance that allowed for its successful completion; for also assuming responsibility for newsletter production for many months when the need unexpectedly arose.
Victor L’Heureux – for establishing and managing the membership function as it should be done from now on.
David Evans – for establishing the club used parts vending program and eBay marketing effort from scratch when asked to do so.


Reinout Vogt – for his excellent counsel and assistance with many of the problems and decisions faced over the last three years, and for being a general “go to” guy for club business activities.
George Phariss – for his initiative in quickly establishing the new “on-demand” regalia program when asked to do so.

The above individuals are all in the best mold of volunteers and contributing club members due to their “self starter” mentality and their enjoyment of the task at hand. I thank them all for their able assistance over the last three years.
Safety Fast, -- Jim Evans

dave_peterson The Steering Column
Right Hand Drive

from our Vice - President

The November chill is in the air and it is amazing how hard it is to make the short trip from the house to the garage.  Once I get there and the heater has taken the chill off I tend to stay.  A few small tasks have gotten done. The bonnet buffers are on the roadster (it took more time to get the right nuts and bolts than to install them). New wheel studs are in the hub that used to be on the roadster.  The studs got distorted when I was loosening the axle nut to replace the seal.  I've been told it is impossible to bend those studs but when I tried to put the brake drum back on it wouldn't go.  The hub with the damaged studs went on the GT.  Now the drum is on and seated on the new studs.
I've also been advised that revised front suspension bump stops are not absolutely necessary with the lowered springs and have a suggestion of how to get a little extra clearance with the originals.  So I'm working on putting the front end back together.  Of course the new bushings stick out farther that the old ones did, so various parts have to be loosened to get things to go together.  The actual assembly should happen soon.  Working with the spring compressed is always a little tense even though it took a few taps with a three pound hammer to get them out even with all pressure off them.  I plan to have a fail safe stop under the spindle while I'm putting the upper pin in.
I tend to be overly cautious when I'm working on or under a car! I have good solid square based jack stands and I shake the car once its on the stands to be sure it's secure once the stands
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