Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline January 2010

Dues are Now Due

The annual club dues of $25 are due from all members on January 1, regardless of when they joined the club as all members’ dues now cycle on the first of the year. Members who fail to renew during the month of January will be dropped from further mailings (don’t let that happen).
Last year we ran into an issue of an increased cost in the newsletter due to late renewing members. Let’s try to avoid that this year by getting our dues in on time. Thank You!

January Natter ‘n’ Noggin

January 12th is of course Natter 'n Noggin up North. "Of course" because January is an odd Month, so we'll be at Finn McCool's in Schaumburg. Despite the winter conditions for the December N&N in Downers Grove we had about 20 people. Hopefully the weather will corporate in January and you'll be able to talk MG while your dear MG is locked up for some of the worst road conditions.
Finn McCool's is very easy to find. It is right at the Algonquin Road off-ramp from Route 53 (which is the I-355/290 extension) Coming from the North or the South, turn Right, West, on Algonquin and Finn McCool's is right there on the left side. The reservation for 7:00 PM on January 12th is in the MG Club name. And they know that we are not all coming at the same time and like to have separate checks.
And please don't forget to tip Lisa, our waitress, very well!!
Natter 'n' Noggin
January 12th, starting at 7:00 PM
Finn McCool's

1941 E Algonquin Road
847 303 5100 (select the Schaumburg location)
Please call Reinout Vogt at 847 342 9804 for any questions.

New CMGC Officers

Even though this year’s election was uncontested, it is no less important than any other year. First off we’d like to thank our out-going President Jim Evans and Treasurer Reinout Vogt for all of their time, hard work and dedication to the club over the last several years.
Dave Peterson is welcomed in as our new President. Dino Perez is new to an officer position and will be assuming the role of Vice-President. Ralph Arata is our new club Treasurer and Victor L’Heureux will be continuing on as club Secretary.
We are in our second year of the new form of election ballots. I’d be very interested in any feedback from the members on the ballots and the mailing envelope that contained the dues envelope, ballot and Driveline.
A thank you goes out to Dave “Cowboy” Bralich for once again serving as our election official.
-- Bill Reece

2009 MG Holiday Party
Saturday, December 12th

In 2008, after many years of absenteeism, the two Chicago based MG Clubs joined forces again for a combined Holiday Party. And because everybody liked the dinner and entertainment we did it again on December 12, 2009. We had about 80 people attending, which was the same number as last year. There were many members of either the Vintage MG Club of Chicago or the Chicagoland MG Club. But more importantly, about 20 guests actually belong to both organizations. The evening has followed a consistent recipe for many years now: gather with a drink from the bar, a great sit-down dinner, entertainment by the Abingdon Players and the Singing Magnettes, and the raffle.
The evening was officially opened by the presidents of the clubs, Jim Evans and Doug Clark. After the 5 course dinner it was time for this year's performance entitled The Rally From Hell. Jim Evans explained a situation that may sound familiar when a rally has poor instructions and vague clues and the participants get lost. Rick and Jan Wesley were the unlucky couple and imp Barney Gaylord and devil Reinout Vogt tried to offer help. Lois Evans' Magnettes with Becky Cooper, Carol Mullis, Jane McCart, and enriched with the new talents of Scotty Cole and Suzanne Boswick, sang a few MG songs.
In previous years we did a door prize raffle, a grab bag raffle for those who brought a little gift, and some drawings for the bigger prices. For this edition of the Chicago MG Holiday Party we more or less combined all of this into one, making it a lot shorter. I think it was better this way, but we're open to your suggestions for 2010.
Just like the last couple of years, a small group headed over to TJ's Halftime, after the formal part of the evening was over. Unfortunately, TJ's had changed name and I hope that nobody searched too long and went home without ever finding Amore, as it is now called (and the letter O in the middle is actually a little red heart) Inside, they had their annual customer appreciation party with music and a live singer. We had a few more drinks and some even danced until the very late hours, or until they fell down.

  All of us had designated drivers to bring us home safely after another great MG evening.
See event pictures on page 7 and back cover
-- Reinout Vogt
Francen & Son

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