Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline January 2012

Bill Reece The Steering
Left Hand Drive

I hope that all CMGC members have had a safe and happy holiday season. It has been a joy for me to have my kids back from school and being able to spend time with them. We took this past Wednesday and headed north to the Volo Auto Museum. It just seems to provide me with a reminder of why I joined the CMGC. It’s the people; car people are just an amazing breed!

We went through the museum; my brother and my niece were with us. I had to keep pushing him to move on. He would spend minutes with each car. It didn’t matter if it was a TV car, muscle or a classic car. I also had to take his wallet from him before he came home with several machines!!!

After we went through the museum Jan insisted that we go look at some of the antique areas (yuck). After walking through seven miles of aisles I found a 1967 Captain Action comic book that I just had to have. I proceeded to the checkout. While I was waiting in line, the guy in front of me noticed my CMGC fleece jacket from Fieldhouse that I was wearing (I just got a plug in there for you George!). He belonged to the Milwaukee MG Club; he had a MGB as well as a MGA. We talked club activities, how much fun they are to drive and restoration shops. Pretty soon we made it to the front of the line, I told him happy motoring and he replied “Safety Fast”. We both smiled and went our own ways. It just goes to show that MG people are everywhere…even antique barns.

-- Bill Reese 
Happy Holidays!

Monthly Meeting Minutes
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Victor L'Heureux

The next CMGC member meeting will be on Monday, January 16th. See you there!


Victor L’Heureux, CMGC Secretary


Dino Perez The Steering
Right Hand Drive

I'd like to especially say “thank you” to Ralph, Vic and the Vintage MG Car Club of Chicago club for coordinating the club holiday party. I had a great time, and hoped that everyone else did also.

Wow! - It’s December and Chicago has seen some unbelievable above-freezing temperatures here unlike Puerto Rico where it has been just the opposite. Near my dad’s home in the mountains of Puerto Rico, it has been clouds, rain, and super-loud thunderstorms almost all season long. Since the weather has been nice here it gives me more chances to start my cars more often. But don't be fooled – our cars almost always need more attention than what we think they need. Just like kids.

Times have been very hard now for me and I know for others too. Trying to figure out which bills gets the most priority and which one gets the bare minimum is a challenge. To escape the frustrations of the economy I’ve been driving my MG’s more often - its lots of fun and good for a quick pick -me-up.

We hope to see old friends and new friends out at the MG outings. Now is a great time to get out and drive the car while you still can. Hopefully we’ll see you out there on the road driving your car.

-- Dino Perez

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Membership Dues are now being accepted for the 2012 membership year.

Membership dues were due January 1st. Check the top of your mailing label for the year date—if it doesn’t say ‘2012’, you haven’t paid yet. Early payments save the CMGC staff a lot of work and worries, and saves the club some printing and postage costs. You can pay the $25 dues at anytime by mail to the club PO box, or at any meeting.

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