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Amtrak Road Trip 2012
January 20-22, 2012

When all the MGs have been safely stored for the win-ter and all car projects are still in the planning stage, what could be better than a weekend of visiting hundreds of new cars and peering into their innermost workings though cut-away’s of engines, gearboxes, engine control systems and most every-thing else? Well, nothing that we can think of can match the North American International Auto Show (aka “Detroit Au-to Show”) for adding a sense of purpose to the long winter months.

And the easy way to get the Detroit Auto Show is to take Amtrak from Union Station in Chicago to about ten miles west of the center of Detroit, to the Dearborn, Michigan Amtrak station. A very short ride will take us to the Greenfield Inn in Allen Park. This large, full-service hotel was the home to Charles Lindberg about 70 years ago when he worked with Ford Motor Company on a defense project. The walls of all the corridors are covered with automobile-related paintings, sales posters and photographs. It is hard to find a missing marque and much of the artwork is only to be seen here. Unfortunately, the bar, pool and sauna compete for the visitor’s attention so that seeing everything can take multiple visits with what time is left over from traveling, resting and visiting the Detroit Auto Show.

We will assemble in the half-basement behind the bar on the food court level of Union Station around mid-morning on Friday, January 20 and proceed to the boarding gate with enough time to get seats together on the train. Then on to the Greenfield Inn, to Cobo Hall on Saturday, leaving for home from Dearborn just before noon on Sunday.


Check Autoweek for coverage of the show the week before we go. There is a week of press meetings and symposia prior to the week of public viewing.

Details for traveling:  
352 Wolverine (CHIcago to DEaRborn) Lv 12:16 P.M.
Ar 6:19 P.M.
353 Wolverine (DER to CHI) Lv 11:50 A.M.
Ar 4:16 P.M.
Details for the hotel:
$86 per night for 20 & 21 January. Phone 1-800-342-5802 or 313-271-1600.

We may have to take a cab from the Amtrak station to the hotel but usually get a shuttle ride back on Sunday morning. Transportation to Cobo Hall is by cab – the fare should be less than $10 each person each way. The listed admission price is $12 per person. Check for details.

This is a peaceful, pleasant rest-filled weekend. Treat yourself to the comfort of letting someone else do the driving.

Questions? Ann or Jake Snyder, 847-295-2753 or

~~Ann and Jake Snyder

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