Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline January 2012

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Member - 1963 MG 1100 Mk I two-door saloon.
Very early car with special-order tuxedo black paint, red interior and wide white-walls per BMIHT certificate. Solid California car needing complete restoration inside and out, not running but it’s 100% complete. Clear, undated California title. Only rust is in floor pans – doors, rockers, etc. are extremely solid. These are interesting and very rare cars now. MGCC believes there to be no more than 50 left world-wide!? Uses mostly Austin-America and/or Mini Cooper mechanicals. I paid $1250 for the car, another $1000 to haul it back to Illinois, and have another $1500+ invested in mostly hard-to-find NOS parts and trim, including grille, NOS hub caps, exterior lights and BRAND-NEW 12” radial tires – even some sheet metal. I would like to just get my initial purchase price back as I have a Midget project to complete. To a good MG home only. Many, many pictures available on request. Tom Webb, 815.382.8334 - Crystal Lake, IL

Parts and Misc For Sale

Non-Member - MG Storage
Storage from October to May available in private aircraft hangars near Marengo, IL. Secure and reasonable.
Phone Phil Walpole at 1-815-568-5393.

Member - Parts for sale - New, unused MGB repair panels and related parts. Purchased for a project that got dropped when I bought a better car.
MGB GT LH & RH Lower Rear Fender Repair Panel Steelcraft - 150.00 ea.
MGB LH & RH Front Fender Lower Repair Panel Steelcraft - 60.00 ea.
MGB RH Outer Sill Panel - Rover - 100.00
MGB RH Sill Bottom Panel (Castle Section) Heritage - 100.00
MGB RH Sill Closing Panel (Waffle Plate) Heritage - 60.00
MGB LH & RH Floor Panel 68-80 Steelcraft - 80.00 ea.
MGB LH & RH Floor Outer Flange Repair Panel 68-80 Steelcraft - 40.00 ea.
MGB LH & RH Trumpet Section - Steelcraft - 25.00 ea.
MGB Center Crossmember Repair Section 1 - Steelcraft, 1 - Ashley Hinton - 5.00 ea.
MGB Jacking Bracket - Heritage - 8.00
MGB LH & RH Splash Panel Extension Steelcraft - 12.00 ea.
MGB Jack Point Brace - 4.00
MGB LH & RH Splash Panel Extension Seal - 1.00 ea.
Kim Tonry, 630.968.4347, - Downers Grove

Non-Member - Rebuilt Cylinder head from 1966 MGB.
Casting number 12H-1326; casting date 25 June 1965. The head has been rebuilt by Mike Brown Engineering/ to "fast road" specification. The sale includes the twin SU intake manifold, which has been ported to match the cylinder head. The rebuild cost me over $1,000; I am asking $875.
Mike Gattone, 847.487.8474 - Wauconda, IL

Member - 4.3 MG TD/TF rear axle "conversion kit."
Kit include a good used MGA 4.3:1 ring and pinion set with new, proper pinion bearings, spaccer, .092 pinon head washer, new differential carrier bearings, new pinion seal, good used set of locking tabs, a new pinion nut and washer and some new pinion shims. You will also need a new differential gasket, new axle seals, and some shim material. I will throw in a copy of the SEMGTR article on how to do the conversion and a copy of the Carl Cederstrom booklet. If you want to pick it up, I will also throw in a wooden assembly stand, a "suitable drift" for removing the old pinion bearing shells, and a home made tool for installing the new pinion bearing shells without using dry ice. If you want to bring me your clean, used axle, I'll even help you do the job in my warm, dry basement shop. $225. 224.390.5300 or

Additional listings for cars, parts and services can be found on the CMGC website:

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