Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline January 2014

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Endurance Award —Russ and Amy Mehaffey
Most events without placing in the Top 3 in a MGA

MGAs have made very frequent appearances in the 2013 Driving Season. Some MGAs were driven more often but Team Mehaffey beat all by scoring the most points (without placing in the Top 3 in the Club Championship). Russ and Amy Mehaffey lead MGA in the category of the Endurance Awards.

Endurance Award—Bill Hedrick
Most events without placing in the Top 3 in a (modern) MG Midget

In 2013, we saw an increase in participation of other MG models. MG Midgets came out to several driving events. Mr. Bill was in more events than other Midgets and accumulated the most points (without placing in the Top 3 in the Club Championship) so that Bill Hedrick wins Endurance Award.

Endurance Award—Jerry Cihak
Most events without placing in the Top 3 in a MG T Series

T-Series MG’s where part of the Driving Season for the first time in 2013. Team Maitzen placed third in the Club Championship. With three generations of Cihaks and two cars a TD and a TF (all in one event), Jerry Cihak won the 2013 T Series category of the Endurance Awards.

Tour Award—Bill and Scotty Cole; Tom and Teri Holzman
Tours this is the largest group of events which ranges from a half-day garage tour to a 3-day mid-week or weekend tours. Two teams (that didn’t place in the Top 3 in the Club Championship) participated in half of the eight tours. Because team Cole did two of the tours with their TD while team Holzman actually scored a few more points overall, we don’t break the tie and recognize both Bill and Scotty Cole and Tom and Teri Holzman.

Other Events Award (non-rally or tour events) - Dave Bralich and Dee Lettieri
There were six Other Events on the 2013 calendar. Three teams participated in four but no one organized three of these events. Team Cowboy even organized the Movie Night but wasn’t able to attend because of racing commitments.

Wish I Had An MG Award—Ric and Shirley Rausch
This recognition is new for 2013. Some teams come to Driving Events in an OM. An OM is an Other Make which is how MG Clubs in England often refer to non-MG’s. Only team Rausch drove their OM exclusively in the 2013 Driving Events and Ric and Shirley receive the award for joining us six times.

Bad Luck Award—Ric and Nancy Maitzen
This award goes to a team that experiences MG related trouble during one of the Driving Events. The MG TD of Ric and Nancy Maitzen began to run a little rough on the way back from the GOF in St. Louis and finally died completely on the way to the Presidents Picnic. The TD returned home on a flatbed tow truck and was later diagnosed with a melted component in the points of the ignition.

Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s Driving Events Awards.
~~Reinout Vogt

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