Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline January 2016
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Tales of the Mongrel
An MG Christmas Party 2015
Ralph Arata

It was 3 weeks before Christmas and all through "that" night,
  many creatures were stirring, in Lisle, that's right!

They came to the Wheatstack restaurant at 6,
  to have cocktails and greetings,
  and perhaps see Saint Nick!

2 groups of faithful, all with MGs,
  both Vintage & Chicagoland you see!

They came in force, a record to be told,

  90 strong they came, these clubs to behold!

Their spirits were great, no one was shy,
  they laughed and their merry-meant was so very high!

Photos of the years events appear on a wall,
  so they looked and compared notes on what they saw!

They sat at their places, the dinner on way,
  oh yes, an MG Christmas Party I say!!!

Prime rib was the feature and chicken made fine,
  plenty for all and for all a good time!

Vic was MC again, he did a great job,
  to keep control over that partying mob!!

There were awards and presentations and a poem or two,
  nothing could stop the momentum of this crew!

And then from nowhere and before they were ready,
  came Santa and his trusty elf named Teddy!

Santa had some business for the MG girls and boys,
  with proper comments he gave before toys!

Then came the grab bag, gifts of all sizes,
  oh, and let's not forget all the door prizes!

The evening winded down, although many lingered on,
  talking with old and new friends, yes they were fond!!

Yes, it is Christmas and all seemed just right,
  and with that I will wish you a MERRY good night!


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