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MGA Twin Cam cylinder head picture for Wikipedia
I ran into an interesting exercise procuring approval for use of a picture of an MGA Twin Cam cylinder head for a friend to post on a Wikipedia page related to history of Hemi-head engines. Originator of the picture approved, and I approved also as it was previously posted on my copyrighted web page. The Wiki censor police shot it down anyway based on copyright infringement, and we are still trying to figure out how to get the censor to back off and allow the Wiki posting.

A modern rendition of Bear Automotive Service.

Otherwise to make good use of our time we have changed modes to serious "shop hopping", as it looks like we will have enough time to visit every known MG and

 Jeff Davis, Ye Merrie Olde
 Motorcar Shoppe, Winter
 Park, FL

Autometrics, Montgomery, AL

 Club party in a warehouse full of classic cars in
 Vicksburg, MS

Museum Motorsports Co, (wanna guess?)
British car parts and service shop in Florida. Considering the season, we feel like Santa Claus, making a list and checking it twice, verifying the new Shops list as we go. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have visited 46 shops in Alabama, Mississippi and Florida (and so far, only half done in Florida). Some of the shops were permanently closed, a few have changed hands or relocated, many are still strong after decades in service, and we are finding a few new ones. It is good to be verifying and updating the Shops list, not too surprising to discover how out of data it had become in the past 15 years. To date we have visited 190 shops of 768 currently on the list, so we still have plenty left to do.

Until next time, find lots more photos and notes, and follow our follies at

~~Barney & Elliot Gaylord

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