Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline February 2010

MG 2010
Belleville, Ontario, Canada

It’s Northeast this year to the NAMGBR convention! MG 2010 will be in Belleville, Ontario. This convention is relatively close, only 650 miles. The convention dates are June 23 – 27. Five couples have booked their hotel already. We are staying at the Comfort Inn in Belleville. The hotels seem to be filling fast. Our tentative departure date is June 21. We will be caravanning as usual and we would like to have you join us. If you would like more information, let me know.
The event web site is The registration form is there to download. You do not have to be NAMGBR members to participate so all MG’s are welcome. Early registration ends on April 15th. You can register after that at an additional charge.
Another twist to this year’s convention is the need for a current passport. The Canadians will let us in, but you need a passport to reenter the US.

More information to follow.

See you on the road!
John and Ann Schroeder 630 244-4930
Spring Tune Up Party
Saturday, April 24, 2010 - 4:00 - 8:00 PM
at Quality Tire & Auto
7255 Kingery Hwy - Willowbrook, IL

Get your MG out of hibernation, cleaned up, tuned up, chane the oil, and get back on the road for the new driving season. Join us for our annual Spring Tune-Up Party for oil changes, lube jobs, light work and tuning, etc. Use the lifts. Bring your own oil and filters and any other fluids and tools.
Please sign in when you arrive. First come, first served. Club members and MG’s have priority. Guests and other cars may be scheduled if time allows. While you are there, please say hello and thanks to Mark Leuck for the use of his facilities. This is Mark’s 25th year of hosting us at his third location!!! Also plan on joining us for a post-party party at a nearby establishment.
Quality Tire is located on the East side of Rt-83, Northbound, just north of Willowbrook Ford, next to Dunkin Donuts in Willowbrook.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact David Bralich - - 630-289-7915

UK’s Lucas Ltd. to Build Electric Car
Submitted by Rick Feibusch, Central Coast British Car Club

One of the United Kingdom’s most enduring brands will proceed with plans to build the quintessentially British electric vehicle. Lucas, the world leader in faulty electrical components, has determined after decades of deliberation to finally push ahead with plans for an electric vehicle wholly of its own design.
The Lucas electric car, to be called the “Prince” in homage to the company’s founder, Joseph Lucas, who died in 1902, taking with him to the grave his secrets of how to make working electrical parts. Since that time, the company has been awarded more wisecracks than any other.

Lucas has led in many important innovations since, counting the first intermittent windshield wipers, the first self-dimming headlights, and the first anti-theft starter interrupt devices among its several inventions. The company has also long extolled safe driving practices, as exemplified by its motto: “get home before dark.”

Lucas’s EV will be based on a design originally conceived in 1968. The company had intended to build the EV in the 1970s but the plans were thought destroyed when the company’s then-chief engineer’s car caught fire. The blueprints were recently rediscovered in fine shape in a back room, after having been overlooked for decades due to poor lighting.

This article appeared in the Central Coast British Car Club, September 2009, “The Clear Hooter!” A sincere thanks to them

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