Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline February 2010

friend is up to no good there”! “We have been tracking all satellite’s 24-7 and have seen some activity in just the last 15 minutes”, came Rienout’s reply. “I think you are right my friend – we are seeing not one but four separate satellite signatures that are not military and are very dubious”! “You are two miles from Ruma – I will send you the GPS on Ruma Police Central”. “Keep your headset on and also keep your head on my friend….Vogt out”!
The soldier took an “S” curve through a well wooded area of Ruma with the MG barely feeling the physics of the turns. Suddenly two bleeps charging fast rear in the B’s mirror….two Harley Fat Boys, double riders and the second each carried a AKA 47. Arata could see the large 200 round drum clearly under the barrel of each. Accuracy on these roads would be tough but volume of lead would certainly increase changes of a neutralized, Neutralizer!! Sir William was taking no chances!
The hail of 30 caliber hell began immediately. The MG’s armored bodyworks held but it was taking multiple hits and only seconds separated the soldier from death. No retreat – the only avenue was attack. Arata grabbed the com-link head gear! “Reinout, come in……..REINOUT, REINOUT!
A streak of pain suddenly struck the soldiers left side!
“Reinout, REINOUT! Why are you calling his name in your sleep?” “What - do you have a problem??” The soldier turned and looked into the eyes of – oh no! “Oh, hi honey, did I wake you?” My wife, Susan, did not looked pleased!! She took a rather cool look at me and said, “Why in the world are you waking me up in the middle of the night calling out Reinout’s name?” “Does that sound normal to you?” “Is he in your fantasies now?”

No words came to me! Whoops, I HAD DONE IT AGAIN!!

Next: “Where are the police!”   -- Ralph Arata

Chicago’s British Car Union, 24th Annual British Car Festival

Yes, it is early to be thinking about activities that take place in September. I agree… But as I started looking at the calendar I noticed that weekends are booking up fast. Please take a look at your calendar and get this great festival booked. This is the “Official” press release for the British Car Festival.
The date for this year’s Festival is Sunday, September 12, 2010, the first Sunday after Labor Day. Located at the Des Plaines Campus of Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, Illinois, the Festival is easily reached from major expressways. There is ample paved parking for both participants and spectators. Vendors and local marque clubs will be on hand to answer questions and provide information.
Sponsored by the British Car Union, a not-for-profit organization made up of representatives from Chicago area


British car clubs, the Chicagoland British Car Festival is the 24th annual gathering of Midwest British car enthusiasts.
The event is a celebration, not a show….A come as you are party for British cars and their lovers. All owners and fans are welcome. We even have had a British made pre-war Fiat on the field. Come see what other cars not usually associated with British manufacturing attend.
For driving directions and a registration form please visit our website at

On-Demand Regalia and

  As mentioned in a previous Driveline and the club meetings, we have been working on a system where you can purchase club regalia on line.  We now have now set up two web sites where you can purchase regalia with our club logo embroidered onto various articles of clothing. You can visit the sites and compare quality, items, and pricing and now make purchases in time for the Holidays. Items will be shipped to the location that you specify, and payment must be made at the time of order by credit card.
One site is Triple-C and many of you are familiar with them.  The clothing is found in "Apparel" located in the left column on their home page.  Our embroidered logo is set up in their system, so you have to specify our club name (Chicagoland MG Club) where it asks for the design.  The remainder of the transaction should be like any other Internet purchase. The Triple C site is at:
The second site is Fieldhouse. This is a group that specializes in products that are school and organization based,; they are not specifically car based,  but they have a good range of products at pretty good prices.  They have four color patters of our logo so you can select the color of the item and coordinate the color logo that matches your individual taste.  Because this is our club's individual store site, it is easier to navigate.  They also have provided a 10% discount to any members that place an order by November 30.  Just add the discount code  "Winter09" at checkout. The site is at: 
Please visit these sites and check them out.  They both carry a variety of items, sizes and specific clothing for ladies and children.
George Phariss, our temporary regalia administrator, has done a wonderful job getting all of these pieces put in place. Please take the time to check out the different websites and see what all is offered.
Samples from

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