Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline January-February 2011

Business Meeting Minutes
Third Monday, January 17, 2011

Victor L'Heureux

Attendance: 20 members and guests.

The monthly meeting was called to order at 8:16 pm by CMGC Vice-President, Dino Perez.

Car projects:
Barney Gaylord noted that he finally got around to replacing damaged engine mounts.
Joel-Paul Brossard remarked that he was finishing up a 77 to 68 MGB conversion for his car. The most recent step was to lower of the front suspension by cutting the spindles.

Past Events:
Holiday Party – 12/4 – Approximately 65 Members of the Vintage MG Car Club and Chicagoland MG Club participated in the festivities of this year’s Holiday Party. Club secretary Victor L’Heureux MC’d the event along with Guest Ed Elf (Ralph Arata, CMGC Treasurer).

Upcoming Events:
See details in the Driveline or on the Website of the many events available for club members.
Amtrak Trip – 1/21-1/23 - This annual event sponsored by Ann & Jake Snyder will be leaving Union Station on Friday evening enroute to Milwaukee, WI and returning Sunday afternoon. Among the highlights will be a visit to the Harley Davidson Museum.
Swap Meet – 2/27 – Jim Evans noted that the Swap Meet planning is progressing well. A total of 69 booths (of 102 available) have been assigned. Many of the regular vendors have responded. Vendor booth sales are ahead of previous years. 3”x5” post card mailers have been prepared and will be sent out shortly. Advertisements announcing the Swap Meet will be submitted in the Milwaukee, Rockford and Chicago area newspapers within two weeks.

New Business
CMGC Staff elections – Elections are complete; the results are as follows:
President – Bill Reese
Vice President – Dino Perez
Treasurer – Ralph Arata
Secretary – Victor L’Heureux
Annual Business Meeting - Next month (February 21st) has been earmarked for the CMGC Annual Business Meeting.

Staff Reports
Library – Wilber Mennell noted that starting in January, a list of books and other materials available to members will be used for check-out. The physical library materials will not be displayed at the club meetings going forward.
Driving Coordinator – Reinout Vogt remarked that the 2011 Driving season is almost upon us and that the Events Calendar is in draft mode now and will be finalized prior to the February


meeting. A meeting will be held with event coordinators to finalize the details.
Tech Coordinator – Dave Bralich obtained beginning & ending car mileage from members to compile interesting statistics of car usage by club members.

50/50 Raffle –Alan Fortney went home $5 richer after winning tonight’s raffle.

-- Victor L‘Heureux

Monthly Column of Driving Events

From a Driving Events point of view, this combined Driveline for the months of January and February is just fine. Most of you will probably agree that this is not driving season anyway and we can live with just one column.

But there are still some important things to cover in this time. First of all the final results of the 2010 Driving Season. As you know we have two traveling trophies, the Moss Motors Cup, for the driver of the year, and the Victoria British Cup for the navigator of the year. The entire results can be found elsewhere in this issue or online, on the club website. But let me use some space here to congratulate Barney and Teresa Gaylord who are this year's winners. However, there will be more, much more during the awards ceremony at the end of our Annual Business Meeting on February 21st. We'll have trophies for 2nd and 3rd place and a bunch of other awards. If you participated in some of our driving events this year, you may want to come to congratulate the winners, and who knows,you may actually be one!

At the January club meeting Dave 'Cowboy' Bralich presented the results of the mileage challenge. The minimum mileage was 51 or so and the maximum was well over 8,000. The average was about 2,100 and your Secretary and Temporary Driveline
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Steve's British Connection

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