Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline January-February 2011

15th Annual All British Car Swap
Meet & Autojumble

The 15th Annual All British Car Swap Meet & Autojumble will be held on Sunday February 27, 2011 at the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton, IL from 8 AM to 3 PM.

This event is organized and conducted by our club alone although it has the enthusiastic support of all the other British Car clubs in Chicago. As in the past, we are again expecting approximately 100 vendor booths to be occupied when the doors open to some 700 – 800 shoppers. Since it’s beginning, this event has proven popular with British car enthusiasts from throughout the Midwest. Buyers and sellers alike travel in from a multi-state area in search of parts, services, regalia and memorabilia items.

Repeat vendors include well-known firms such as Little British Car Company, Triple-C, and also more specialized vendors such as Spridgitech, Prix Parts, Riverside Motors and more. This event now attracts buyers and sellers alike from a multi-state area. Vendor offerings include parts, tools, regalia and memorabilia items, and more. The Swap Meet has become a major fund raiser for the club, so whether you lend a hand or come as a shopper, don’t miss this fun event in an otherwise dreary month.

Gate admission is $5 with free parking; Chicagoland MG Club members who volunteer to help produce the event are given free admission. A sign up sheet will be available at the February club meeting, or call Jim Evans at 630-858-8192. Vendor space available through preregistration.

-- Jim Evans  


Driving Statistics
End of Year

Last year (2010) I started to collect odometer readings from club members in order to come up with some fun driving statistics. As an incentive, to get these readings from all of you, I promised to award the individual closest to the club’s average miles driven.
Starting with the “Spring Tune-up” as the basic beginning date and then the “Fall Tune-down” as an ending date. I compiled some fun facts:

  • Total number of members in study - 24. Not a lot, but I will shoot for more for this year 2011.
  • Lowest miles driven - 51
  • Highest miles driven - 7,928
  • Average miles driven - 2,118
  • Total miles driven - 50,839
  • Average miles per week - 77.8 (based on approximately 28 weeks)
  • Median (the middle of the pack) - 1,712

    And the winner of the “Most Average” award with a total of 2,178 miles (just 60 over the club’s average) is Victor L'Heureux. What does he win: An "Oil & Filter Change” kit (4-qts of Valvoline’s “VR1 20w50” oil and a NAPA’s “Gold” oil filter).

    Now, I want all of you to help with this endeavor for 2011. If you have put your MG away for the winter, go out and get the odometer reading now. If you are still driving it, then come the Spring Tune-up date, get the reading. Then Email me at the following: Your Name, MG Model, MG Year, Odometer reading, and the date of the reading. If you don’t want me to save your E-mail address, let me know otherwise I will hold onto it for future contact.

    -- Dave Bralich  

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