Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline February 2015

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Whereís Barney? I have not been following his adventures on his web site,, on a daily basis, but Iím sure that the Gaylord boys are someplace warm. Last time I checked they were in Pensacola Florida, which should be nice this time of year. I donít know if Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow or not, but at our house Woody, the resident woodchuck, ainít chucking no wood. In fact she is still hibernating under the rear stoop. But it wonít be long until our weather warms. The days are getting longer. The sun has a little more warmth to it. So get working on those winter car projects, you donít want to get caught with your (oil) pans off on that first nice day. Inventory those parts that need replacing, perhaps you can pick them up at the Swap meet in a couple of weeks. Same location, new date.

flaming Flaming Floorboards
By Steve Tom, 2012, 290 pages, soft bound

This book was written by Steve Tom, not the actor but a career military man with a PhD in mechanical engineering. Defiantly a Type-A personality. No, not that type. His car in high school was a Model A Ford, then in the 70s he added an MGA when he attended Purdue. Is this why Barney brought this book to my attention? And his love affair with British cars (and others) continues. You would think that PhD would know better. But thankfully love is not rational or an intellectual undertaking. This book is the humorous tale of his cars and the associated characters. Also contains technical advice. Talking about the (lack of) quality of oil seals, ďI always suspected this was a deliberate design to help owners maintain their cars. When you back a British car out of the driveway, you should see three spots of oil, one from the engine, one from the transmission, and one from the rear axle. If any one of those spots is missing, youíre probably low on oilĒ.

~~Bill Mennell

CMGC Regalia

Ladies, are you aware that our on line store has clothes made specifically for you and can be customized with our MG Club Logo!! Just go to and you will find our own personal store. There is a wide variety of items, colors and sizes just for you. There are even some sale items. So many choices. You will see that we also have merchandise for infants and children. Of course there are items for men as well. You just need to visit the web site to see what we have in our own store.

There is another web site that has lots of merchandise for British car a enthusiast where our club logo is also available and that is "". Take a look at their web site as well. As always, if you have any problems, do hesitate to call George or email me and I will try to help you out.

CMGC Nametags are in!
For the following members who recently purchased the CMGC Nametags, they have arrived. Please pick them up at the monthly club meeting or at upcoming driving events.

	Albert Chladek	74 MGBGT	Kathy Szempruch	75 MGB
	Chad Fitzloff	74 MGB		Bob Ligmanowski	77 MGB

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