Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline February 2015
Award Presentation
2014 Driving Events
The MG Clubs of Chicago

The 2014 Driving Events of the Vintage MG Car Club of Chicago and the Chicagoland MG Club was a great success thanks to these two groups.
102 member drivers (+ 6 non-members) and 93 member navigators (+ 3 non-members)
Dave Bralich and Dee Lettieri, Bill and Debbie Mennell, Brian and Rose Dubin, George and Jana Phariss, Ric and Nancy Maitzen, Dan and Nancy Herman, John Kearns and Juliana Dukov, Jim and Lois Evans, John and Ann Schroeder, Russ and Amy Mehaffey, Rey and Lupe Navarro, Phil and Sandy Wydra, Ray and Sue Hansen, Bob and June Lee, Carl Vogel, Bill Kalafut and Jean Heasley, Jake and Ann Snyder, and their many helpers.

Moss Motors Trophy - Club Championship
This trophy is for the team with the most points in all of the 2014 driving events. Participating in many different events or focusing, scoring, and organizing rallies are good strategies. The first three places are different from last year and they were very close until the end. It was the Autocross, the most ‘sporty’ event on the calendar, that put Rich Meservey and Sundy Mead in first place.

Victoria British Trophy - Competition Championship
Our MG’s are sports cars, built for competition. The cup goes to the team with the most points in rallies and autocross. The tie for 3rd place was broken by Phil and Sandy Wydra’s higher score in rallies over Bill Kalafut and Jean Heasley. Jim and Lois were in the lead early in the season and the championship went to the wire. But, Russ and Amy Mehaffey‘s victory in the Halloween rally secured their first place.

Endurance Award - Most events without placing in the Top 3 in a MG T-Series
We had 53 T-Type entries (up from 40 in 2013) but none made it in the Top 3 of the two Championships. Bill and Scotty Cole participated five times, Rick and Nancy Maitzen six times, and Bob and June Lee eight times, all in MG TDs.

Endurance Award - Most events without placing in the Top 3 in a MGA
We saw only two MGAs that didn’t make it in the Top 3 of one of the Championships. And each of them came out only once: Barney Gaylord to the Spring Tune Up and Mark and Cindy Michalak in the Halloween Rally. Their MGA Coupe broke down after less than 1/10th of a mile so they also won the Bad Luck award.

Endurance Award - Most events without placing in the Top 3 in a (modern) MG Midget
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