Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline February 2015

Award Presentation
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Bill and Sally Hedrick brought out Mr. Bill more than any of the other Midgets.

Endurance Award - Most events without placing in the Top 3 in an MGB (or derivative)
Bill Kalafut and Jean Heasley drove their MGB in eight events and only missed 3rd place in the Victoria British Trophy by a tie breaker.

Autocross Award Bill Kalafut and Rich Meservey raced MGBs in our only Autocross. However, the Midget of Seth Jones was the fastest.

Tour Award
Four off the teams that didn’t place in the Top 3 of one of the Championships, participated with MGs in three Tours. Bill and Debbie Mennell and Tom and Terri Holzman drove MGBs while Duane and Jane McCart drove their TD. Rick and Nancy Maitzen not only drove their TD in all three but also where the organizers of one of the tours.

Other Events Award
Mike and Mary Kay Cobb, Ralph and Susan Arata, Jeff and Sharon Powell, and Dave Bralich and Dee Lettieri are the teams that didn’t place in the Top 3 of one of the Championships, and participated in three Other Events. James Brennan did too and won 2nd at the Cruisin’ Night walking rally.

Most MGs Driven Award
Doug Clark drove his MGB and MGC and navigated in Phil Law’s MG TD

A hearty Congratulations for all the Driving Events participants. We will be awarding the Club awards during the February Business Meeting.

As an added bonus, we will be displaying the Nuffield Cup at the meeting

~~Reinout Vogt

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