Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline February 2016
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After sliding into many of the SUVs I found only a couple of them were spacious enough for my 6’5” son’s girth. I relayed the info via cell phone from the show floor.

Toyota i-Road, as an ideal urban mobility.
Next it was on to the unique/bizarre cars. They were all innovative in a way with advanced electronic (computer) controls, ultralight materials, somewhat functional design and impressive ($$$) price tags. I was surprised at the amount of ‘non-metal’ inside the engine – valve covers, fuel injections, air management, etc. – and the amount of plugs, cables, sensors and control modules located all over the engine and transmission. I suspect the auto technicians need a degree from Cal Tech to work on these babies.

We assembled at the hall entrance for our ride back to the hotel and looked for a relaxing dinner and a visit to the bar. Jake arranged for us to have our dinner in the ‘Library’ of the restaurant. We were the only ones there in the room among the walnut-paneled walls shelved with books, heavy walnut pocket doors with leaded glass inserts, and a beam coffered ceiling. The best part was we were able to hear our conversations that evening without shouting over a filled room. The wait staff was excellent.

The next morning, we again assembled in the restaurant for breakfast and awaited our shuttle to take us back to the station. Now that it was daylight, we were able to see the surrounding area on our way to the station. The 353 Wolverine Amtrak was a little late in arriving (3 minutes) and we were able to again commandeer seating together in the coach. Shortly into our trip home it was time once again to break out the buffet and libations.

Soon the local landscape became familiar and we were easing into Union Station. By now we were all looking at our connections information determining how much wait time we will have before boarding our trains to our final destinations. To my surprise we were early arriving; and we had a half-hour to make our homeward connections.

~~Vic L’Heureux  
Ahhh Amtrak – you never cease to amaze me.

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