Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline February 2017
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“The rear axle on this one is just like mine” said Jeff with the flashlight of his phone in his hand (Jeff is restoring/ rebuilding/creating a 1917 Studebaker racer)

This 1924 Light Six had an aluminum body from the Shanghai Horse Bazaar and Automobile Company of Shanghai, China. Can you imagine buying a brand new Studebaker chassis, not with a 4 cylinder, but with the more powerful and more expensive 6 cylinder engine, then ship it somewhere to the Westcoast, probably by steam train(?), to be shipped on a boat to China for a custom aluminum body? How long would the total delivery time have been and how much would that have cost in today’s dollars? 

This is the original logo from the factory (see the top arrow on the photo of the building)

Octagons always catch our eye, don’t they? This temperature gauge was right above the door of the factory building.

The hotel, a Hilton Double Tree, was grand and opulent. We were only about a block away from the Holiday Inn that had been our refuge in the 2001 and 2007 Amtrak Road Trips, back when winter was a real challenge. The familiar place was being rehabilitated, judging from the reasonably careful manner in which the original name had been removed from about half-way up the ten story building. We walked from the Double Tree to the Museum Campus, a peaceful and interesting tour that was less than a mile. We were joined by Reinout Vogt and Jeff Powell who passed us pedestrians in the yellow Corvette just as we got to the front of the Museum Campus.

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