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Taking a rest between several record-holding Studebakers.

This Commander Roadster completed 25,000 miles in 23,000 minutes, non-stop driving except for gasoline and driver changes without stopping the clock. 23,000 minutes is 16 days, and the average speed, including the stops was over 60 miles an hour...In 1928!

This 1935 President was my favorite. The two-tone blue was so beautiful and the design of the grille, head lamps, horns and fenders were so elegant.

This 1937 must be have been the prettiest pick-up at the time, maybe even ever! It was called the Coupe Express and it shared much of the elegant design details of the President.

There is so much of interest in the collection. Not only are there examples of everything the Studebaker Company made from wagon parts to Golden Hawks but a very nice selection American-powered (Cadillac, Chevrolet and Ford engines) cars built mostly in Europe, including a Sunbeam Tiger, two Nash Healeys and an ISO Griffo on the turntable installation in the main window. And the basement held several dozen assorted vehicles on space-saver racks.

Reinout and Jeff also toured the adjacent, and magnificent, Oliver Mansion, a 1930 workers home, and the South Bend History Museum prior to heading back to Chicago area. We made way to the Amtrak station for our return trip.

~~ Jake & Ann Snyder    

Editors Note: Photos and captions provided by Reinout Vogt.

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