Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline February 2017

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Since last report, immediately after Christmas week end we were back to shop-hopping to complete the list of about 45 MG related shops in Florida. In Dania, FL there is an absolutely adorable shop called The Creative Workshop that is loaded with vintage cars under restoration, dating from the 30's through the 80's, including several rare models I had never seen before. By January 4th we had finished visiting the Florida shops and finally let some of the car clubs

Wire Wheel Classics buy/sell Lotus, race cars, and other British sports cars.

know we were back in the area. You can find photos and notes for shops we visited in the trip log on the web site, a few of which will be posted here for your consideration.

The Creative Workshop in Dania, FL

intermittent wipers for cheap

fuel gauge damper circuit

Lucas DR3 2-speed
wiper motor

DR3 wiper motor reverse parking mechanism

I am of course still playing MGAguru and maintaining the CMGC web site, regularly involving lots of Wi-Fi work, tech questions and updates and additions to the tech library. There are recently new web pages for fuel gauge damping, intermittent windscreen wipers, tubular wire terminals, voltage converters, wood bows for MGA cockpit trim rails, side mount engine stand, repair of starter motor, some commercial body repair panels, MGA models (table top types), rubber rear seal for the MG 3-main bearing engines, and electrical hookups for Lucas DR3 2-speed screenwiper motors. There was also some research on a brake light pressure switch for a Volvo P1800 (with an odd thread for hydraulic connection).
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