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2010 Secrets of Jo Daviess County Tour
It’s time to think warm and sunny thoughts. You may have noticed from other sources that the scheduled time for the 2010 Secrets of Jo Daviess County Tour has been set at June 18 – 20. We haven’t established the exact agenda yet, but here are some generalities.
Once again, the emphasis will be on driving. We’ll have a few breaks for “points of interest” (as your GPS navigation system calls them), but we’ll be doing a lot of windshield time. We won’t be crossing the Mighty Mississippi this year and will focus on NW Illinois and SW Wisconsin. For those who have been there, rest assured that County Road C will be included. Sunday’s schedule and routing will be adjusted to get you started home earlier than before. One of the planned activities is a tour of a wind farm. We’ll get up close and personal with those big fans you see in the cornfields and get a working knowledge of how wind generated power interacts with the grid. And a newly discovered winery with really good sippin’ and a picturesque setting will replace the Massbach Ridge stop. Maybe we can work in some ATV trail riding that we wanted to do for last fall’s color tour (that got rained out).
We’re going to try to go a little lighter on the calorie intake this time; lighter, quicker lunches and only Saturday night will be a “big” meal. But, do not fear, the Friday night fish fry is still on the agenda. We’ll welcome you for a reception at our Lake Carroll home on Friday afternoon and proceed to the Yellow Creek Inn as before. We’re working on a special “event” at the Yellow Creek if we can get cooperation from the city government of Pearl City. We have a new and interesting Friday night hostel to offer and will give you details later.
It’s inevitable that some who want to attend will have schedule conflicts. There is no perfect date selection and June is especially risky with weddings predominating in that month. If you’re in the mood please let me know about your availability for this event to help with the advance planning.

Hope to have you with us.
-- Dan and Nancy Herman  

Regalia Update and Thoughts
Greetings from not-so-sunny and warm Florida. Better here than where you are, but still disappointing. But, alas, it gives me time to write things. Last month’s club meeting minutes indicated low response to George’s internet vendor supply of regalia. So, I offered to provide a testimonial to be published in the Driveline. And here it is:
George Phariss’ effort to establish on-line vendors for club specific regalia has worked out very nicely for me. I included in my Christmas gift wish list a request for a CMGC identified shirt, provided the addresses of the two vendors and, by golly, someone in the family responded with just what I wanted. This is a blue denim short sleeve shirt from the supplier. It is of very good quality material, with good assembly, the logo is large and bright and it fits and wears well. I’m very pleased with it. If you have any reservations about buying clothing unseen, not to worry. These shirts are good stuff. Thanks, George for setting this up.
-- Dan Herman  

MG 2010
Belleville, Ontario
June 23-27, 2010

It’s northeast this year to the NAMGBR convention! MG 2010 will be in Belleville, Ontario. This convention is relatively close, only 650 miles. The convention dates are June 23 – 27. Five couples have booked their hotel already. We are staying at the Comfort Inn in Belleville. The hotels seem to be filling fast. We will be caravanning as usual and we would like to have you join us.
We have planned an itinerary to the convention. We will leave from the Lincoln Oasis on I-294 on Tuesday, June 22nd. The plan is to drive to Sarnia, Ontario the first day. Sarnia is about 5 ½ hours from Chicago and roughly the halfway point. The hotel in Sarnia is the Harbour Front Inn. Their phone number is 800 787-5010. Room rate is $85 Canadian with an AAA/AARP membership. The next day we will travel to Belleville.
While in Belleville, we have signed up for the Loyalist Wine and Cheese Tour, The Loyalist BBQ dinner on Thursday, plus the Awards Banquet on Saturday. We plan to take advantage of some of the self-directed tours on Friday and have dinner together.
The event web site is The registration form is there to download. You do not have to be NAMGBR members to participate so all MG’s are welcome. Early registration ends on April 15th. You can register after that at an additional charge.
Another twist to this year’s convention is the need for a current passport. The Canadians will let us in, but you need a passport to reenter the US.

Let us know if you would like to join us for an excellent adventure.

See you on the road!
-- John and Ann Schroeder  
630 244-4930

Francen & Son

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