Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline March 2010

2010 Annual Business Meeting - Club Awards

Ambassador at Large - Promoting goodwill towards the club – Dave Bralich

Maintaining the Breed - Commendable efforts in restoration work – Bill Reece

        Driving Events - Traveling Trophies
Driver of the Year – Barney Gaylord
Navigator of the Year – Penny L’Heureux (accepted by Victor)

Not pictured:
Safety Fast - Success in competitive driving – John Schroeder

Cream Crackers - Contribution to the MG community – Dan & Nancy Herman

Presidents Award - Special Appreciation – Reinout Vogt

2. After initial sanding, fill in with spot putty and re-sand until smooth

3. Final touch up, sanding and a coating of paint.

Completed project. This article and color pictures will be posted on the club website for better viewing
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