Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline March 2011

2010 Club Awards
Below is the list of awards earned in during the 2010 Driving Season. Our sincere thanks to all the members that helped organize and sponsor the Driving Events and to all the members who took part in these fun activities.

Safety Fast - Success in competitive driving
This award is driving an MG in competitive events. The club had no speed oriented events like racing or an autocross in 2010. Therefore the need-for-speed had to be found outside the club. This year we once again recognize a long-distance rally driver. Mark Michalak campaigned a MGA Coupe in these events for many years, with his father or a friend as navigator. Mark makes it to a Natter ‘n’ Noggin every now and then and never fails to suggest that the club considers to bring back the Lap around the Lake.

Maintaining the Breed - Commendable efforts in restoration work
This award speaks for itself. The bright yellow 1968 MGB was a familiar participant in club events for many years. But then it disappeared for a wile when it received extensive engine and body work. IT became a complete restoration which was actually already finished in 2009 and presented at the British Car Fest. It looked really nice but it was so late in the season that Steve Selan receives the award this year. Unfortunately Steve kept the car elsewhere last year and he came to a few car shows without it. Hopefully he’ll bring it to the 2011 Driving Events.

Ambassador at Large - Promoting Goodwill towards the club
They’ve organized or lead six trips to the NAMGBR convention. Sometimes close-by, as they call Belleville, Ontario in Canada. Sometimes they travel across the country; East or West Coast. And they’ve also ran the Wine, Cheese, and Beer Tour for six years in a row. John and Ann Schroeder are known in the MG Community as the Chicagoland MG Club’s Ambassadors.

New Member of the Year - Enthusiastic contribution from a new member
Awarding this recognition has always required a little bit of flexibility with the definition of “new”. It is, after all, not easy to contribute to the club as a brand new member. This year we’ll stretch the idea about as far as you can imagine. Gary and Tedi Maves joined the club in its very early beginning and were often considered part of the group of founding members. Then, when they moved away from Chicago they dropped their membership for a while. They re-joined

Cream Crackers – Contribution to the MG community
This year, 2011, will be Victor’s 4th year as club secretary, now under the 3rd president. With that Victor L’Heureux holds the longest term as a club official. His contributions include the membership chairman position and he also brought record keeping at club and staff meetings to a new level. When the club was in dire need of a temporary Driveline editor, Victor stepped in without hesitation.

“I’d like to thank the Academy…”
Vic & Penny L’Heureux

Presidents Award - Special Appreciation
The club president has the privilege to select the recipient of this reward. It usually goes to a member that stands out for his or hers work for the club. President Bill Reece is honored to present the 2010 award to Jim Evans. Jim has served the club in many capacities. His latest stint as President
ran from 2007-2009. Jim has also been the club tool master for as long as anybody can remember. After many other very successful projects (Abingdon and several project cards) Jim started the British Car Swap Meet, now our largest fund raising event.

No, this is not Jim Evans...

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