Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline March 2012

of MG tech information in 2011, now offering over 2300 tech pages. Web traffic increased about 20% this year, now hosting about 2300 visitors per day and hitting a new high of just over 250,000 page views in October.
Seth Jones' web site now going on three years old, has been picking up dramatically. In 2010 it was averaging 11 visitors per day. Since May 2011 it is averaging over 100 visitors daily, and it served up a high of 30,000 pages views for one month in October.

Driveline report – Victor L’Heureux
The CMGC Driveline was successfully published and distributed to over 300 members and other MG car clubs on a monthly basis.
Accomplishments for 2011:
- Increased the number of member contributed articles
- Looked into sending an electronic copy of the newsletter to other clubs instead of a printed version of Driveline.
- Solicited advertising space to increase revenue to supplement additional pages to Driveline. Now have four sponsor ads in newsletter.
Goals for 2012:
- Get more members showcasing their MG’s on the inside front cover. Let’s take advantage of having that a color page in our newsletter!
- Increase the number of member contributed articles
- Enlist a member to become Editor of Driveline

   Treasury report – (Vic L’Heureux for Ralph Arata) The overall Balance Sheet looks solid. The club had a total income of $17237.92 with expenses of $17,151.45 in 2011.
Income from Membership Dues, Regalia Sales and Swap Meet revenue were $7,140.00, $380.55, and $7,450 respectively.
Major expenses were Driveline newsletter, Postage, Swap meet expenses and miscellaneous club expenses.
(A complete report can be obtained by contacting the Club Treasurer at


2010 Awards – David Perez / Reinout Vogt
Club Award Trophies were presented to the recipients in the following categories:
Safety Fast - Success in competitive driving – Joel-Paul Brossard
Maintaining the Breed — Commendable efforts in restoration work – Steve Boswick
Ambassador at Large - Promoting goodwill towards the club – David Novak and Lisa
New Member of the Year - Enthusiastic contribution from a new member – Christopher Weaver
Cream Crackers - Contribution to the MG community – Jim and Lois Evans
President’s Award - Special Appreciation – Victor L’Heureux

  Driving Events - Traveling Trophies
Driver of the Year – Barney Gaylord
Navigator of the Year – Teresa Gaylord

  Driving Event Trophies
Additional trophies were presented to recipients for various categories –(details to be posted in Driveline newsletter)

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 pm
Respectfully submitted,
Victor L’Heureux

books Library Muse

Procrastination: the art of putting off until tomorrow what should be done today. A skill at which I am a master. In the past this has gotten me into hot water with several Driveline editors for not getting my articles submitted in time.
My usual routine over the long Thanksgiving weekend is to finish up the last minute yard work, put up the Christmas lights, bring out the snow-blower, and put away the lawnmower and the MGs. This year I did not get the B done. Just never got around to it. As it turned out this worked to my advantage. With this mild winter I have been able to enjoy several top down drives each month. And now that it is March, there is not much sense in 'winterizing' it now.
This year at the swap meet, instead of just looking for old car books, I'm going to search for a round tuit to install on the B. Maybe that way I'll get some car projects done, if I don't procrastinate.

Closing Speed
by Ted West, 2010, 335 pages, paperback

Ted West covered the 1970 World's Manufacturer's Championship in Europe for Road and Track Magazine. This novel is a fictionalized account of that season. Porsche 917 vs. Ferrari 512. I found the story itself a little lame (a little too soap opera) but accounts of the conditions of trackside and post-race medical care, lodging and the like fascinating. A good look back at the international racing scene of 40 plus years ago.

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