Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline March 2012
Special Events
2011 Club Awards

Safety Fast - Success in competitive driving
This award is driving an MG in competitive events. After a few years’ hiatus, Auto Cross returned to the 2011 calendar. Rookie auto-crosser Joel-Paul Brossard was pretty fast, spoke very well about it at the next club meeting, and wrote an enthusiastic report for the Driveline. For 2012 Joel-Paul is coordinating the Auto Cross events) with the Austin Healey Club.

Maintaining the Breed - Commendable efforts in restoration work
This award speaks for itself. Steve Boswick reported about the work on his ’57 MGA at many club meetings and regularly participated in tech sessions to improve some of the skills needed to finish the project. The white MGA was back on the road in 2011.

Ambassador at Large - Promoting Goodwill towards the club You don’t necessarily have to participate in all the club events to be considered for this recognition. David and Lisa Novak have been regulars at some of the tours and they are a great example of living the MG Spirit, enjoying Safety Fast, and participate in The Marque of Friendship.

New Member of the Year - Enthusiastic contribution from a new member
This year we have a great team of new members. Great because Christopher Weaver is very enthusiastic. And even greater because MG has become a family affair for Christopher, Glenda, and his father. A great team.

Cream Crackers – Contribution to the MG community
Few club members have such a broad list of club contributions as Jim and Lois Evans. Abingdon, British Cars Swap Meet, Abingdon Players & Magnettes, Tool Master, Historian, and many more.

Presidents Awards - Special Appreciation
The out going club president had the privilege to select the recipient of this reward. Bill Reece is honored to present the 2011 award to Victor L’Heureux. Victor has been the club secretary for many years now and has also handled the new members welcome packages. Whenever the club has a problem, Victor stepped in. Now he does the Driveline and works with Jim to learn the details of the British Car Swap Meet.

2011 Driving Events Awards

Moss Motors Trophy - Driver of the year - Barney Gaylord
This trophy is for the driver who accumulated the most points in all events over the entire 2011 season. It is no surprise that it is important to attend as many as possible events and to score consistently very high in the competitive events to place high for the Moss Motors Trophy. Barney and Victor battled all season and even the final score is pretty close. Barney did well in the Autocross which secured the 2011 title. Roger Goebbert also did very well in two rallies and participated in just enough events to place third.

Victoria British Trophy - Navigator of the yearTeresa Gaylord
This trophy is for the navigator, or co-driver, who accumulated the most points in all events over the entire 2011 season. Because most teams of the 2011 Diving Events didn’t change, and consisted of couples or family members, the results are very similar to the Moss Motors Trophy. Teresa scored high in the Autocross and Penny missed one of the rallies. Therefore Teresa has a large lead in
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