Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline March 2012
Special Events

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the overall standing. Shirley and Penny tied in points but Penny placed 2nd because she did one more event.

Endurance Award - Most events without placing in the Top 3Dino and Lisa Perez
This recognition is awarded for participating in the most events amongst all teams that didn’t accumulate enough points to place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the Moss Motors or Victoria British Trophies. Just as last year, the red RV8 of Dino and Lisa was spotted in a lot of events.

Rally Award - Highest score in ralliesGreg and Ursula Hoeft
The total score of just the rallies is likely to bring forward the same teams that also did well in the Moss Motors and Victoria British Trophies. But the recognition goes to the team that just failed to place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in those. Greg Hoeft did 2 rallies: solo in the Tally Ho and with Ursula in the Halloween Run where they finished 3rd.

Tour Award - Most tour participationTom and Teri Holzman
Participation also overlaps a little bit with the Moss Motors and Victoria British Trophies. However there are several teams that seem to be more active in this category. Tom and Teri participated in all 5 of the tours.

Other Events Award - Most participation in tech sessions and picnics etc.Doug Clark
This category also has a select group of participants who may not have the time to go on many tours or do the rallies. Several drivers were active in 4 of the 5 events. Doug Clark stands out because he came alone, without navigator, and frequently with the oldest car, his TF.

Autocross Award - Highest score in Autocross.Troy Navarrete
We had only 1 event in this category and a few drivers won 1st in class: Barney and Seth who placed for one of the general awards already and Troy.

1/3rd of the Way - Honorable mention
This category is basically a combination and an extension of the Moss Motors and Victory British Trophies (most points) and the Endurance Award (most events). Teams that scored at least 1/3 of the winner’s points but didn’t place for any of the categories above receive this special recognition. (scored at least 9 points because Barney was the highest with 28)
Name     TotalPoints/Events    
Russ and Amy Mehaffey15/6 (R) and 14/5 (A)
John and Ann Schroeder14/7 (J) and 12/5 (A)
Ray and Sue Hansen13/5 (R) and 11/4 (S)
Scott and Gillian Boyer11/5 (S) and 7/3 (G)
Seth Jones11/5
Dan and Nancy Herman10/4
George and Jana Phariss10/4

Bad Luck Award – A serious MG problem
The Bad Luck Award speaks for it self and during the Driving Season. 2011 saw plenty of car trouble. Ralph Arata and David Novak come to mind because they needed flat bed trucks to get home from the Wine, Cheese and Beer Tour. But if you are the co-driver of Victor L’Heureux you had a very special problem; push-starting Victor’s MGB. To prepare for 2012 we offer Penny L’Heureux some extra energy. But the award goes to Larry Daniels. His Midget break-down brought the entire Jo Daviess County Tour to a premature end. The issue also led to an impromptu mini tech session at a club meeting where Dan Herman explained why it was so difficult to hot-wire the Midget to overcome its electrical malady

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