Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline March 2013

George Phariss The Steering
Left Hand Drive

Jana and I are still in a sleep depraved fog after our trip back from Australia. It is a long way from here and the flights were long. We had a great time while we were there and saw lots of sites, generally on the East side of the Island. And what a big island, approximately the size of our lower 48 states. Bummer, the first 2 kangaroos that we saw were road kill. It seems as if they are similar to deer in their eating and movement patterns, and pretty much like the early morning and late afternoon daylight periods to get around and eat grass and other plants. They operate in mobs (herds), except males may be seen as singles. But we did see them just about everywhere we went. No we did not get eaten by any they are primarily vegetarians. We also saw some MG's on the road also as I mentioned on our club's Facebook page and they were not dead, but being driven and by their appearance, being enjoyed. Another amazing thing is that the countries population is around 23 million people and the population of Melbourne is just under 5 million people and Sydney is just over 5 million people. This gives you some idea of the density of people in the rest of the country. Lots of other neat things about the country too numerous to mention here. One more thing, their newspapers do not let the news fall softly on their politicians. They are brutal. The current Prime minister is going out on her ear in the next election.

The weather here at home has been nuts. Based on what we have had so far this year, it could snow or be very hot when we start our driving season. I am so looking forward to getting the B out there and on the road. Just hope that this years driving is as good as last year! We can thank Reinout, mother nature, and our God for the successful events. Of course the participants are also the major part of the success.

Congratulations to all of the winners of driving awards that were presented at our business meeting in February. If I had been able to be there, I would have made a State of the Club Address. I would have said that all is well in our club and there will be “No new Taxes brought on just as long as I am your President” and you could read my lips on that!! Unlike some politicians, I will tell it like it is and I expect to hear it back like it is and not some old sugar coated version. Maybe I am going a little bit overboard on this, as we don't have any club taxes now, but maybe some new guy down the line will propose it, you never know! Of course I doubt it with our membership, but this is Illinois!

-- George Phariss      


John-Paul Brossard The Steering
Right Hand Drive

The February 21st Annual Business Meeting was inspiring. It impressed me, it really did. It was the high quality and quantity of what was covered, that is, the aggregate of contributions of the officers and staff and Club members who organized events and participated in the events. Just have a look at Dave Novak’s excellent write-up in the minutes. It’s a great summary.

The business part of the meeting is always an eye-opener…the going’s on with the Club money, membership numbers, library news, facts about the Driveline, this was all really good stuff. Geez Laweez! 1000 hits a day on our website! And what a successful year we had with 20 driving events involving nearly 100 different drivers, not counting the other major events which are not part of the CMGC Driving Events season. And again, a big congratulations to all the Awards winners, and a huge thanks to the organizers.

We missed (President and Regalia guru) George Phariss and are still waiting to hear if he was, in fact, eaten by kangaroos or attacked by Tasmanian devils. There was also a rumor of him trolling for sharks from a sailboard off the Great Barrier Reef. Another rumor reports an episode of a lunatic condition caused from eating too much Kiwi fruit and Foster’s ale while watching the water in toilet bowls going in the wrong direction while singing “God Save the Queen”. As of this writing, we pray for his safe return and hold our breaths.

I‘m pleased to report that the last Natter N’ Noggin at Roundhead’s in Downer’s Grove had about 15 members show up. It’s an opportunity to visit and chum with some members who we don’t necessarily see at the club meetings. We’d like to see as many folks at the N ‘n Ns as possible. It’s all about the camaraderie and the common link we share, our passion for our MGs. If you haven’t been to one lately (or at all) try to make an effort and join in.

Like the rest of you, I’m getting antsy for the good weather and get my B out of its winter nest. We have a great driving season ahead. See you out there.

Carry on…

-- Joel-Paul Brossard    

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