Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline March 2013

Book Review:

The Midwest Motorsport Legend: Meadowdale Raceways
by Phillip A Aleo

In Meadowdale Raceways, Chicago area author-historian-photographer Phil Aleo presents us with a remarkably well-researched work on what was once heralded as the Mecca for sports car fans all over America. At the time of Meadowdale’s inaugural races in September 1958, a news reporter stated that “the Midwest can now boast in Meadowdale - a track to rival the best in Europe” with the longest straightaway in the world and the steepest turn in the world, the Monza wall.

Aleo has compiled hundreds of photographs and stories, articles, period ads, driver accounts, vehicle histories and more covering Meadowdale from site construction and track operation (a short-lived 12 years from 1958 to 1970) to its present state as Raceway Woods forest and nature preserve where much of the original track and related structures remain in place.

This 200 page 9” x 11” hardbound book is a delightful exploration into “Meadowdale” and a must for motorsport fans. Author Phil Aleo has generously donated a signed copy of this book to the CMGC library.
~~ Joel-Paul Brossard

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