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Secrets of Jo Daviess County Tour for 2013

Something old and something new.

Here’s advance information about the Secrets tour for this season. What’s old is we’re going to go back to a popular format we followed in 2009. We’ll meander our way through Jo Daviess County and southwest Wisconsin to the good ole Potosi Brewery where we’ll stop for a cold one. Then on to Cassville where we’ll take the ferryboat to cross the mighty Mississippi. The nine car ferry carries 12 MGs. We’ll overnight in Guttenberg, Iowa in a rustic hotel in a stone building that was once a button factory situated right on the shoreline of the Mississippi. Some rooms have balconies overlooking the river. Walking distance up the shore is a lock and dam. Interesting to watch the huge barge sets and towboats negotiate the lock. The final day we’ll again meander through SW Wisconsin to return to our traditional end point in Monroe. And we might just stumble into a winery and/or cheese factory along the way.

What’s new is the schedule. Instead of a weekend jaunt this year’s tour will be held on weekdays. This is an experiment and is a result of two factors. Think about it; it seems everybody schedules all their activities on the weekends resulting in many conflicts. So many times people have told me they want to attend the tour, but they have a wedding, anniversary party, or school activity on the chosen weekend – especially in June. And, in this case, the Guttenberg hotel is already booked up on summer weekends and has been for months. On a weeknight we can have the place to ourselves. And, consider this, if we do this on weekdays you have another weekend open to enjoy other activities. Plus, other facilities, like restaurants, are less crowded on mid-week nights. So, here’s the plan. Tuesday, June 25, reception at our house at Lake Carroll followed by the must-do fish fry at the Yellow Creek Inn. Wednesday (26th), the drive and boat ride to Guttenberg and Thursday (27) the way home.

Tuesday night we have a block of 20 rooms at the popular Country Inn and Suites in Stockton. The rate is $85.50, significantly less than the weekend rate we saw last year. Direct phone number is 815 947 6060. Ask for the MG Club block. Wednesday night it’s the Landing at Guttenberg. The hotel has only 19 rooms and we have all of them blocked. The rates vary widely from $49 to $159 depending on the configuration, location and river view. Ask for the room/rate information when you call and call early to get the best selection. Tell them it’s for the MG Club block. Direct phone number is 563 252 1615 and you can view the place on their website at Lots of good information there, including views of the room configurations with pricing. The cutoff date for the blocks is May 25.

The experience of the river ride, quaint Guttenberg, the lock and dam and the unique hotel was a hit the last time and many have asked me: “when are we going back?”. I hope you will agree with the advantages of the weekday schedule and join us for the 8th running of the Secrets Tour.
~~Dan Herman      

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