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Monthly Column of Driving Events

The 2014 Driving Events Calendar of the MG Clubs of Chicago is slowly taking shape. We’re trying to get it finalized in time for the March club meetings and published in the April newsletters. Luckily the organizers of most of the usual events have signed up for a 2014 edition and we also have a few new ones this year. It makes my job as coordinator real easy when I can fill more than half of the calendar with just a couple of phone calls. 

The beginning of the season starts out, just as it did last year, with four spring events. Mark your calendars: April 26, Spring Tune-up - May 4, Spring Brunch - May 18, Spring Chicken Rally - and May 30-31, Spring Tour. Details for these events will follow in the April newsletters, but you can already reserve the dates. And if you want to take your MG on a little bit longer ride to open the season there’s thChampaign British Car Festival in Bloomington, IL and the Rally in the Valley in Eau Claire, WI, new this year from one of our long-distance supporters Diana and Steve Rindt, both in the last weekend of May.


New this year is a visit to the Westmont Crusin’ Night on Thursday August 28. New member and Westmont resident Bill Kalafut is hosting this event. I can already hear you think; “what’s so special about a cruse night, there is one just about every night of the week in just about every town already?” Well, that’s what the folks in Westmont also know and that is why they made their cruse nights in mini street festivals. Our night will be MG night, featuring the VMGCC and the CMGC. More to follow when the date comes closer.

But there are also some open ends and I am still looking for someone to step up and run: a second garage tour (we’ll have one in the NW suburbs so any other area is good), the autocross program (an auto crosser with a little extra time to get more drivers involved), and, after the successful introduction in 2013, the Drive-in Movie night (a nice and simple event for someone to get involved in organizing club events). Please give me a call at 847 342 9804 or email me at if you think that you can maybe help with one of these.

Think SPRING and see you on the road soon!

"The more you think or dream about driving, the more you smile".
-- Reinout Vogt

CMGC Regalia

Ladies Silk Touch Shirt Attention Significant others!!! A review of sales indicates that our ladies make up the greatest number of purchasers. So if you have not purchased a new item, then now is the time to order that special, “OFFICIAL”, Chicagoland MG Club regalia item so that you are “styling” for the upcoming driving season. The appropriate Infant 1-piece
items can be found at our own online “OFFICIAL” Chicagoland MG Store located at “ “. There is a wide selection of items, colors, and sizes and you can personalize any of the items that you select by adding a name or slogan. Our store has a great selection of clothes for him, her, infants, and toddlers. You can also order a variety of accessories such as mugs and scarves, etc. If you want to add some items not listed, let me know and I will try to have them added to our store.


I recently checked our on-line store sales and we are selling some of our merchandise from As you know, these items are available for customization with our club logo and your name or other information. You can also visit the site to order MG merchandise of which some of it can be personalized with our club logo. We are a registered club.

name badge CMGC Name Tags are available to order. If you need a Name Tag, let me know and I’ll put you on the next list. To date, the following members are on the list for Name Tags. (I need 10 orders to submit to engraver)

Louie Robinson 71 MGB   Julie Corbin 71 MGB
James Brennan 70 MGB   Darryl Mayo 77 MGB
Phil Wydra 73 MGB   Bob Ligmanowski 77 MGB
Bill Kalafut 70 MGB   Scott Boyer 77 MGB V8
George Phariss 78 MGB      

Any questions, do not hesitate to ask George.
~~ George Phariss

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