Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline March 2015

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End and Lake Shore Rallies.
  • Bring back the Lucas Memorial Rally.
  • Resurrect the auto cross series.
  • Organize a car show for the residents of a senior/assisted living facility in Lake Forest.
  • Find someone to take over the Driving Events coordinator position in 2016 or 2017.

  • 2015 Driveline – Victor L’Heureux
    The CMGC Driveline was successfully published and distributed to over 260 members and other MG car clubs on a monthly basis. The average publication contains 20 pages of club activities and articles.

    2014 Facebook/Social Media – Kim Tonry
    The club Facebook page has been active for over five years, since October 2009 and there are currently 420 Registered Users (Compare to NAMGBR-887, NAMGAR-468, St Louis MG Club-44, Windsor-Detroit MG Club-129, NAMGAR-468).

    2015 Club Awards

    Safety Fast—Success in competitive driving
    Rich Meservey

    Maintaining the Breed - Commendable efforts in restoration work
    Steve Skegg

    Ambassador at Large — Promoting goodwill towards the club
    Barney Gaylord

    New Member of the Year — Enthusiastic contribution from a new member
    Bill Kalafut

    Cream Crackers — Contribution to the MG community
    Dan and Nancy Herman

    President’s Award — Special Appreciation
    Oscar & Diana

    No new business was presented for discussion. Meeting adjourned at 9:50 pm

    Respectfully submitted,
    Victor L’Heureux
    CMGC Secretary

    books The Library Muse

    As I write this towards the end of February, the 22nd to be exact, we are just getting over a cold snap, and getting ready to head into another. Last week the temperature dropped to 8 below. Chicago and some of the burbs closed their schools. Again. Just because there was a wee nip in the air? This is about the tenth time this year. Are we raising a generation of sissies? Jim Renkar told me that in the six years he went to high school they never once closed the schools. And he walked to and from school, uphill both ways, thru snow drifts higher than the windows on his family’s brand new Model A. Kids were tough back then, not like nowadays. Why are the libraries and museums open special hours so the kids have something to do? If it’s too cold to ride the school bus to class, how are they supposed to get to the library?

    Let me get off my soap box. Spring is getting closer. The days are getting longer and this morning we saw our first gold finch at the bird feeder. Pretty soon the red wings will appear. It’s just about time to set the clocks over to daylight savings time. An extra hour of light to work on those winter car projects that you have been putting off. And don’t forget that you may be able to find some good bargain parts at the swap meet, this year on the ides of March.

    -- ~~ Bill Mennell

    Auto Appraisal Group
    Little British Car Company
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