Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline March 2015
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Spring Tune-Up Party
April 25, 2015

Donís Auto Aid (Goodyear) has invited the club back for our annual spring tune-up party. This is the same location we were at last year. Hereís your chance to put your MG up on a service rack and give the underside a good inspection. Smelling salts will be available for those who faint after seeing their carís condition. And the Warrenville paramedics will be on call for anyone with a heart condition. Not available will be 20w50 oil and filters, so bring your own. You can also get a wheel alignment (bring your own specs) on state of the art equipment and wheels balanced, including wires. If you partake in these services, Iím sure you will show your gratitude with a generous tip.
The scheduled date is Saturday April 25, 12noon until 4PM. With up to seven racks available, we can get a lot of cars done. First come, first served. MGs have priority over membersí other LBCs. Check with the Pit Boss (Cowboy) before starting any non-routine maintenance projects. All work must be completed.
Donís is located at 2s781 Rt. 59 in Warrenville, about an English mile north of the East-West I 88 toll road. When weíre done at Donís we will proceed to one of the local brew pubs for a pint and some vittles. Which establishment is yet to be determined, but weíre aiming for Two Brothers or Rock Bottom.

~~Bill Mennell

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