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tells me that the cost for her is $325.

There is another part to driving in England which has changed over the years and that is the presence of congestion. Bear in mind that there are roughly 58 million people living in a land mass the size of NY State so there is a built-in challenge to the roads at times. Add to this an increase in automobiles plus the insurgence of a much greater number of big trucks (due to open EU trade) and the occurrence of congested motorways can be common place. The M6 which goes from Birmingham to Manchester is especially unpredictable. Congestion on the secondary roads has increased and many of the larger roundabouts now also feature traffic lights to regulate traffic flow. My MGB’s temp gauge does not like to sit in traffic so hitting a bottleneck could be a hassle.

I still want to do my MG ride-around-England one day. Traffic or no traffic. It might even be one of those MG - Fs!!
~~Ralph Arata  

Post cards from Karel
An ‘Auto’biography of History

A card from Burford with a MG Y Type with license place LKF 234.

~~ Reinout Vogt

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