Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline March 2017

  Monthly Meeting Minutes
February 20, 2017

Victor Lheureux

42 Members in attendance

CMGC President Ray Hansen opened the meeting at 8:00 pm and noted the regular club meeting will be followed by the annual Business meeting after the break.

Car Projects
Dean Hickenlooper
is in the mists of a V8 conver sion for his 1977 MGB. The engine has been rebuilt, progress is slow. Dave Bralich again noted that he will be hosting a ‘tech session’ in his garage on March 25th from 10 am until 4 pm. The goal is to upgrade the single line master cylinder brake system to the newer dual-line system.

Past Events (detail summaries of these events are in the February Driveline issue)
January 20-22 – Amtrak Road Trip (Studebaker Museum)

Upcoming Driving/Social Event Schedule (additional details of these events are in the March Driveline issue)
March 19 - Swap Meet - Jim Evans notes this is the 21st Annual event for the club and need the support of members to make it a success. A sign-up sheet was passed around.
June 9-11 – Dan Herman Memorial Secrets of Jo Daviess Tour
June 25-28 – MG 2017 Convention hosted by the San Diego MG Club. It is not too early to arrange for room accommodations.
September 10 – British Car Union Festival
November 5 – Fall Tune-down

New Business
Road Trip - New member Rob Martwick offered a suggestion for a future driving event. During his tenure in a local motorcycle group he was involved with a 5-day Multi-state BBQ Tour. They traveled the backroads and sampled their way over 1,400 miles. Maybe the CMGC would be interested in such an event. It was also noted that 2018 is the Centennial year for Illinois and maybe a trip could be structured around this event.

Break/ 50:50 raffle – CMGC member – Dave Ransom -- was the winner of $27. Dave asked the winnings be rolled over until next month.

CMGC Annual Business Meeting
A complete summary of the Annual Business Meeting can be found on the CMGC website in the ‘members only’ section. You will need the member name and password.

2016 Reports
- 2016 Summary David Novak
* Membership   Victor L’Heureux   - Membership has been
relatively stable for the past five years with 23 new members joining the CMGC in 2016. Membership dues were increased to $35 for 2016. Our current membership is 251 members with 196 members renewing


*their membership to-date. This is slightly more than
previous year’s renewal progress.
- Regalia - George Phariss – Current inventory has been kept
at a minimum with new items incorporated this year.
- Library - Bill Mennell - For calendar year 2016 we spent
$110.46, over budget by $10.46. We added eight books. The listing of materials is on the club website.
- Website - Barney Gaylord – Activity has been brisk
regarding technical information pages but ‘hits’ to club activities has declined. Noted also was a decline of member -submitted pictures of activities.
- Driving Events - Reinout Vogt - 2016 was the fourth year
that the Vintage MG Car Club of Chicago and the Chicagoland MG Club shared the 22 Driving Events. The combined calendar offered a variety of driving events and participation continued to increase made possible a large group of organizers, tour hosts and rally masters. The 22 events saw 96 different members participating 372 times. These numbers were like 2015.
- Driveline - Victor L’Heureux - The CMGC Driveline was
successfully published and distributed via two methods of delivery to over 250 members and other MG car clubs monthly. The average publication contains 20 pages of club activities and articles.
- Treasurer Report - Phil Wydra – The year ended with
$5,387 in checking, $14,234 in savings for a total of $19,621. Club is no longer operating at a deficit. Net cash flow is positive.
- Social Media Report - Kim Tonry - The club Facebook
page has been active for over seven years, since October 2009. There are currently 485 Registered Users, up from 462 last year. (Compare to NAMGBR-1595, NAMGAR-746, St Louis MG Club-65, Windsor-Detroit MG Club-157) Looking back through the club Facebook timeline is like an ongoing, rambling conversation at a Natter ‘n’ Noggin’. We have been successful at keeping the page limited to actual MG enthusiasts and avoiding spammers.

2016 Club Awards
The following awards were presented:

Safety Fast: Success in competitive driving - Dean
Maintaining the Breed: Commendable efforts in restoration
work - Dave Bralich
Ambassador at Large: Promoting goodwill towards the club
through contacts with other organizations – Reinout Vogt New Members of the Year: Enthusiastic contribution from a
new member - Noel Tetrev & Bob Dorley
Cream Crackers: Contribution to the MG community -
Barney Gaylord
President’s Award: Special Appreciation – Ralph Arata

With no further business to discuss, president Ray Hansen closed the meeting at 9:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Victor L’Heureux
CMGC Secretary

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