Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline March 2017

MGA Guru Gone Mobile

Our travel and work agenda must be getting busier as we go. Never enough time to do everything, and tough to find time to write these reports each month. I think this one is late and I'm short on sleep again, so maybe I can make it short and toss in a bunch of pictures.

I wrote some more tech articles for the web site this month, beginning with what happens when you mix different types of brake fluid (nothing good). Another article on installing a Lucas DR3 2-speed wiper motor with reverse to park function using a couple relays and a lighting switch for control. New web pages about failed lighting switch, building a tow bar for MG Midget, and hanging exhaust on MGA Twin Cam.

Did a couple more weekends Tech Central in Bonita Springs, FL. Carburetor problems on a Midget 1500, firing up a 1275 Midget that hadn't run in 30 years, rear brakes on a TD, stuffing an engine back in an MGB, resetting mismarked timing sprockets in an MGB engine, fixing ignition on a TR3, headlamps and wiring problems in another Midget, turn signals in an MGA, stuffing an MGB engine into an MGA, and finally changing a propshaft Ujoint in my own MGA. All that was only four says from the past five weeks. After many visits to Florida we finally managed to sneak in a one hour tour of The Villages, which if you didn't know is a substantial city (retirement community) composed of many local villages. We took the tour in one of those Florida sports cars (golf cart), jolly good fun.

One interesting project began with fixing a few electrical faults in an MGB in Montgomery, GA. Then addressing tune-up problems with the Weber downdraft carburetor conversion, I got to be creative to set the world right. This was a late model MGB, and the Weber conversion had screwed up crankcase ventilation, fuel vapor recovery, and anti-run-on, and this was an

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