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opportunity to figure out how to fix all of it. Anti-run-on and vapor recovery both work on the same port connected to the "sealed" float chamber in the carburetor. But the Weber has the float chamber vented into the air cleaner via a big vertical slot. In a roundabout way, we plugged the internal vent slot with epoxy and opened another external vent port for a small hose connection, that hose running to the carbon canister. From a useful port in the intake manifold we installed a "T" fitting, one leg to be connected to the anti-run-on valve. The other vacuum port would then be connected to the front tappet cover vent with a hose including a generic PCV valve, all the bits and pieces bought at a local auto parts store. The good news is that it all works, and less than a week later the car was cruising on tour with the local car club.

We also returned to visit Bill Waller's MGB in Albany, GA. to finish a job from several weeks earlier. This is the one that hadn't run in 12 years, and when we got it running the clutch would not release under any circumstances. So, we finally pulled the engine out and removed the clutch cover to reveal the clutch disc stuck on the flywheel. Gave it a tap, but nothing happened. Larger tap, still nothing. Hit it with a two-pound hammer, and it still didn't come loose. Wow! Took a big crow bar to the center hole with a great yank, and the clutch disc finally popped off. Oddly enough, the clutch parts all looked like new, so we put it back together with the same parts. In the end, another MGB back on the road.

We had a day to kill on Feb 24, so went shop hopping in Southern Tennessee. First stop was Coker Tire in Chattanooga, where we got more than anticipated. Before getting to the tire warehouse we got a one hour tour of the business office, and shop and museum. Good to see the artisans manufacturing and restoring wood spoke wheels, wire wheels, steel wheels, cars, motorcycles and airplanes. The museum contains more early vintage car than I have ever seen in one place before. And of course, they do supply vintage style tires for our old cars.

Then we were off to visit Minor Classics Restorations in Cleveland, TN. One man shop but very busy, and not limited to Morris cars. And another shop visit to Atlantic Coast Plating in Athens, TN where they specialize in high quality chrome plating. Most recently we had a couple days hanging out with an old friend Larry Benson in rural Greenback, TN. We hope to pick up some MGA parts to fix my whining differential (again). While here we fixed his MGA propshaft to banish a couple of different "clunks". We may have to pull the starter out of his Rolls Royce tomorrow.

For our next venture, I just registered to attend the British Motor Trade Association annual conference in Charlotte, NC. Will have to let you know how that works out next time.

~~Barney & Elliot Gaylord
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