Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline April 2011

2010 Additional Club Awards (continued)

Tour Award - Most tour participation
Participation also overlaps a little bit with the Moss Motors and Victoria British Trophies. However there are several teams that seem to be more active in this category. Dan and Nancy Herman are tour organizers as well as loyal tour participants.

of Tours
Victor and Penny L’Heureux 4
Dan and Nancy Herman 4
Barney and Teresa Gaylord 3/2

Other Events Award - Most participation in tech sessions and picnics etc
This category also has a select group of participants who may not have the time to go on many tours or do the rallies. Dave Bralich organized the Spring Tune Up and for his Fall Tune Down prepared the chili and beer together with Dee Lehien.

of Others
Barney and Teresa Gaylord 4
Dino and Lisa Perez 4/3
Dave Bralich and Dee Lehien 4/3

1/3rd of the Way - Honorable mention
This category is basically a combination and an extension of the Moss Motors and Victory British Trophies (most points) and the Endurance Award (most events). Teams that scored at least 1/3 of the winner’s points but didn’t place for any of the categories receive this special recognition. (scored at least 10 points because Barney was the highest with 31).

of Rallies
of Tours
of Others
Jim and Lois Evans 2/1 3 1/0 16/11
Scott Boyer 2 2 0 12
Oscar and Diana Gonzales 2 2 1 11
Dave and Judy Peterson 2/1 2 3/0 11/8
Mike and Mary Kay Cobb 2 1 0 10
Craig and Debi McCloud 2 1 2/0 10/8

Bad Luck Award - A serious MG problem
MG’s traveled 25,685 miles in the 2010 Driving Events Program without developing serious trouble or even a minor failure. A few inconveniences, but not much more than that. No MG’s had to be towed home or left behind, except one. The Lucas Memorial Night Rally Masters arrived quite late at the start of their own rally, and they were in an OM! Because, when Dave and Susie Tucker drove their MG through the alley to the front of the house, loaded it up with rally stuff and then … just a click! They tried to push-start it first, then tow it, and broke the rope. After the rally, Dave had to whack the starter with a hammer to break the gear loose! He replaced it with a ‘89 Isuzu Trooper starter.

Tool Lending Program

We have a list of Loaner Tools that the Chicagoland MG Club owns and maintains for use by its members. The intention of the club is to procure and hold some of the more expensive tools that folks may be hesitant to buy for themselves because of the expense and the limited usage by any one person. Check out the Tool Lending page on the club website for a list of the available tools and guidelines.
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