Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline April 2012

Dino Perez The Steering Column
Left Hand Drive

from our President

This monthís club meeting was a prelude to our driving season. Reinout highlighted the tours, rallyís and autocross events scheduled for this driving season.

Iím going to try to attend most of these events in the RV8 and a maybe a cameo appearance with the MG limo. I now have a new acquisition to my collection - a 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais with removable T-tops roof and bucket seats. Just another everyday automobile that you just donít see anymore. I am planning to keep it as a daily driver and replacing my SUV that I donít need anymore.

I presented a small tech session on Lucas wiring, fuse block, and battery maintenance during this monthís meeting. It covered the basics on what proper fuse and what main color distributes to the rest of the harness on your MG. It's always good to check all of your lights, brake light, turn signal, horn and speedometer gauge before you go out on the road. It saves you the aggravation from accidently cutting someone off if your turn signals are inoperative or your working speedometer saves you from a traffic ticket.

Wow I am stunned at the weather we are having this season Ė from a very mild December, to a very warm January and February, - and now just a fantastic March with summer-breaking heat temperatures. Hopefully this will make up all the bad weather we encounter. So letís put a smile on our faces and drive our MG's.

-- David Perez     
Safety Fast!


George Phariss The Steering Column
Right Hand Drive

from our Vice-President

What a string of fabulous, for Chicagoland, weather days we have had to enjoy. Lots of great driving days have been available for us to take advantage of this winter and early spring. I just hope that this trend holds up for the rest of the spring. I know, FAT CHANCE, but I can hope. My 78 B just loves it, getting out there this early during the year with the top down. This is one of those years when we didn't need to go visit a warmer climate. It didn't seem that way back in November when we planned our upcoming trip to Phoenix. But here it is, time to go.

On another note, I have contacted the company that installs speed cameras, but I cannot get them to call me back. I would like to get them to come to one of our meetings and tell us about their technology. Of course I did not know at the time that the Tribune was investigating them for possible ďpay to playĒ contract awards. Will that ever change? I will still keep trying to get them to come to one of our meetings. Some lively presentations will make our meetings more fun.

Dino did a great job at our March meeting explaining about our MG's electrical system. Great job, Dino. Thanks for the tech session. We will have more of these at future meetings.

We have two driving events coming to our house this May. The first garage tour of 2012 and the spring chicken run (more on the chicken run in another article in the Driveline). Jana is a real trooper to allow us to do this. She always does a great job.

-- George Phariss    

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