Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline April 2013

Autocross Update:

The first Autocross event with the Miata Club is on Sunday May 26, 2013. For those of you considering participating in any of the Autocross events hosted by the Miata Club, I’ve pulled their Club instructions (verbatim) for “Self Tech” (i.e. the pre-race requirements and prep). It is the responsibility of each participant to complete a "self tech". Don’t forget to pre-register.


  • Removal of all loose contents in passenger compartment (including floor mats) and trunk.
  • Brake pedal feels stiff
  • Seat belts in good condition

    Under Hood/Trunk
  • Throttle return spring (safe and positive)
  • Battery tie down secure
  • Brake fluid level above the minimum level
  • No fluid leaks of any kind
  • Fuel cap (and all fluid caps) tightly secured
  • Spare tire (and assoc. tools) removed or double checked to be secure.

    Wheels and tires
  • Tires in good condition (e.g. No steel belts or cords showing, excessive wear)
  • Tire pressure checked (min. 25psi. for street tires, if in doubt ask)
  • Wheel bearings in good condition, no excessive play
  • Remove wheel covers or "hub caps"
  • Lug nuts torqued to spec
  • Car does not "pull" to one side

    Helmet, Misc.
  • D.O.T. rated helmet (Snell SA or M80 for SCCA Competition) note: the club has several "loaner" helmets
  • Car number visible on both sides of the car. note: the club MAY have tape or shoe polish. It is advisable to have magnetic numbers for your car once you have chosen a number per the Windy City Miata Club instructions on the website ( If not, bring some white or bright colored tape to make some for both doors.

  • Any questions, call me at the number on the inside cover of Driveline.

    Carry on…

    -- Joel-Paul Brossard

    CMGC Regalia
    The driving season is just about to get underway, and it is still not too late to get your personalized Chicagoland MG Club Gear at our own store. It can be found by following the link from our web site or you can type into your web browser address: and you will go directly to our web store that offers a wide variety of items for purchase.

    There are still a limited number of items available at our club events. One current hot item is the license plate frame that has our club logo and web site information on it. A real buy at $14.

    We are always putting together a list to order Name Tags for our members. Once we get to 10 on the list, we place the order. The following names are on the list for a Name Tag:

      Sue Stealey   Ellen Silverman
    Darlene Caprini Tom Sotomayor
    Lynn Sotomayor Doug G. Clark
    Kerry O'Connor Linda O'Connor

    -- George Phariss      

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