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10 years with our MGB

I celebrated my 10th anniversary with our MGB on December 26, 2012. I have wanted to restore it and have it painted for most of that time. It has been a rolling restoration and I have slowly replaced and refurbished the interior, wheels, and engine over the years.

This year it was time to go to the paint shop. I purchased new door skins and bonnet and Kim Tonry, Larry of Larry’s Auto Body, and I pulled it to his shop. I had removed the interior, engine, and trim work so it was ready for the body work and painting. I left it with Larry in early December with a completion date of March 31st. I visited the B a few times to watch the process. Larry finished it early.
We pushed it home in early March and I have been reassembling it since. The problem I am having is the paint is SO nice, I find I have to replace parts that looked really good before finishing, but now look awful. I have placed three parts orders so far. I think I am getting close to having everything I need, but I know I will find more pieces to replace.

My goal now is to have it back on the road by the Spring Tune Up. Ann and I are planning a trip to the Smoky Mountain area in early May for our shakedown cruise. You will see a lot of us this driving season.
~~John Schroeder

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