Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline April 2014

  Monthly Meeting Minutes
February 17th, 2014

David Novak

35 Members in attendance, wearing not as much green as Iíd expect for St. Patrickís day.

At 8:00PM, Vice-President Victor LíHeureux banged the gavel to bring the rowdy bunch to order. No new members were in attendance, although Jeff and Deb Morris joined us after long absence.

Car Projects:
Barney is helping Ron Scoma with his MGA thatís been off the road for a number of years, although itís looking promising to have it back on the road soon. This morning on my way to work, I ran over something that I thought was a piece of ice/snow, but turned out to be a piece of asphalt! Thatís why I drove a rental to the meeting.

Dave Bralich then gave an interesting discussion of the results of his oil-filter tear-down. Napa filters turned out to be Daveís favorite for their construction, Fram was his least favorite, and K&N were good but too expensive.

Victor then gave out the remaining driving awards for 2013.

Darryl Mayo won $18 in the 50/50 raffle! Dino also donated a

Congratulations to the Club 2013 award winners: Ann and Jake Snyder, Cream Crackers award; Doug Clark, Ambassador at Large award; Jim Evans, Maintaining the Breed award; Richard Meservey and Sundy Mead (not pictured), New Member of the Year award; David and Lisa Novak (not pictured), with the Safety Fast award; and Bill Mennell, Presidentís Award.

number of ďLucas Service InformationĒ cards, which were raffled off as well! Thanks Dino!

Rienout Vogt gave an overview of the Driving Events for 2014! It looks like a packed calendar! I canít wait until the weather gets better!

One thing to note, is that the Spring Tune-Up will be in a new


location this year. Details will be on the website and in the newsletter.

Staff Reports:
Finance: Things are OK in the bank.
Library: New wall plaques are in! Get yours while they last!
Website: Up and running!

Upcoming Events
March 30óSwap Meet! Coming soon! Jim Evans noted that vendor signup has picked up! 94 out of about 102 slots have been sold! So it looks like itís going to be a great year for the Swap Meet on itís new day! And so far using instead of the local newspaper seems to be working very well, as well!

April 26óSpring Tune-Up: Moving to Warrenville, to a place called Donís Auto Aid. Info will be in the newsletter, and it looks like post Tune-Up, a few people will be heading to Two Brothers Brewery. Dave wants to remind Tune-Up-ers, thatís itís BYO-Oil-and-Filters.

One more reminder to sign up for NAMGBR get together in French Lick!

At 9:31, Victor banged the gavel again, signaling the end of yet another action-packed meeting!

See you on the road!

Respectfully yours,
David Novak

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