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Fix It With Steve...

Dave Novak’s engine tilt is getting around; it’s now with Russ Mehaffey!

Progress Update:
March 29 - So last weekend’s Fix it with Steve saw the engine rebuild of Russ Mehaffey’s finished on Saturday. The timing chain, tensioner & cover were fitted and the tachometer drive installed. The engine has departed for its installation into Russ’ MGA.

Sunday was the swap meet, of course & a good time was had by all. I certainly enjoyed it and it was great to see so many familiar faces after the winter.

  The ‘Fix it’ garage is closed for the next two weekends. The Missouri Endurance Rally is April 5th and I have a relay race in downstate Illinois on the 12th.

I changed a front shock absorber on the GT last night, so am about a ready as I can be……fingers crossed.

    Look Ahead…
April 14th about 4.30 pm we will be in Des Plaines checking out Darryl Mayo’s MGB starter motor which is not cooperating. He has a spare motor which we will fit if needed. Anybody wishing to show up is welcome. Please let me and/or Darryl know if you plan on attending. Darryl is on 847-298-0136 and .

April 19-20 and 26-27 - We will be back in Downers Grove & working on Carol Mullis’s MGB. The parts are itching to go on the car. Carol will be providing refreshments & food so an idea of numbers would be very much appreciated. Please let me know if you plan on attending. I hope there will be multiple things going on at the same time so we can get everything done in the two weekends. That means come prepared to lend a hand & get stuck in!

The activity list is pretty extensive:-
  • Engine out, swap transmissions over with new clutch and gearbox mounts, engine back in.
  • Replace the bottom end of the engine – oil pump, & as many bearings on the crankshaft as we can get to without pulling the crankshaft out.
  • New Fuel pump
  • New rear shock absorbers
  • New front rebound rubber
  • Replace the heater unit with a secondhand one
  • New Steering rack gaiters
  • New front brake calipers
  • Front hub free-play adjustment
  • New Steering / ignition lock, (the barrel comes out with the key on the current one!)
  • New rear axle oil seal
  • Electronic ignition
    Finally let’s hope the clutch hydraulics work when the fluid is replaced…………..?!

    There will be a tech session at the CMGC monthly meeting on April 21st. I’m still looking for topics, as right now it is looking like it will be a real short discussion!

    Please let me know if there is anything you are interested in hearing about. Thanks.

    ~~Steve Skegg

    Editor’s Note:
    Now I know you are all visualizing a frigid open-door garage ‘out in the sticks’ with a greasy mechanic in a winter parka bending over a cold bonnet working on a cars’ ailing innards. Well, that couldn’t be farther from the truth (well maybe some of it). Steve is the proud owner of a tandem two-car garage—heated and air conditioned in the Summer—plenty of working room! It even has a full-height four-post lift—and tools to fix mostly everything! Steve is located in Downers Grove, IL southwest of Ogden avenue and Main street.

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