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Post cards from Karel
An ‘Auto’biography of History

Believe it or not but tomorrow April 1st, we (Henneke & I) have been in Chicago exactly 26 years. And for all these years, we've been members of the MG Car Club Holland, where we joined in 1978. I am not sure why, we never go to a meeting and the newsletter has stories of events we didn't get to drive and most pictures have people we don't even know. When we left, the club had about 300 members, today there are more than 4,000! One of the only things in the newsletter that we always enjoy is the post card from Karel. We have known Karel since 1978, he joined before us. Karel has a huge collection of old post cards.

Remember that people used to send those from vacation destinations and road trips? Sometimes they showed a city view or an important building. And being real photographs from times when Photoshop was not yet invented, the photographs usually have cars in them. I don't know how he does it, but he must be spending a lot of time, at garage sales and antique markets, going through the stacks of cards to find the ones where the car is not just any car, but an MG. Every month he publishes one in their newsletter. Many from Holland, some from other countries in Europe and even from the USA. When I told Karel that his post cards are the only item we look out for every month he offered to publish them in our newsletters also.

So here we go, when Victor and, or, Greg have space they can put one in. Maybe the T-types and before go in the Vintage Viewpoint and the MGA's and newer got in the Driveline. And when you're one of the members in both clubs, you get to see them all. Or you can do like me and join the Dutch club.

I hope that you'll like Karel's post cards also.

Enjoy and MGreetings,

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