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Hi Folks,

Well things at the ‘Fix-it” garage didn’t quite go according to plan since my last report, but some good progress was certainly made.

The B GT A/C & overdrive project is finally nearing completion. I spent a Saturday working on it. I cut my ABS panels so I can move the center console rearwards a couple of inches. Figured out where & how to add a couple of speakers to the stereo; wired up the overdrive solenoid to the switch on the wiper stalk and got the hazard warning switch & light to work. My 1970 has fairly rare triple pronged flasher unit on the hazards (most are two pronged). One of the three prongs is supposed to drive the hazard warning light. It wasn’t working, I assume because the flasher unit was faulty, so I rewired the warning light to one of the turn signals. All is now well. I got the cigarette lighter to work. All that is left to do now is to install the radio & center console with the A/C controls, mount the A/C vents and move the windscreen/shield washer pump & bottle. Oh and the tune up of course. Sunday I drove the car to the body shop for its ‘tin worm’ fix and was pleased to find that my ‘cheap’ $1000 overdrive works! Yippee. Get the A/C working and we are ready for some long distance cruising.

One worry that came up on the drive was a clonk when accelerating. This is likely to be one of three things, a UJ on the prop shaft, something in the differential or an insufficiently tight/worn spline on one for the wire wheels. Hopefully something easy!

Sunday I worked on my two old minis. Greasing, fluid top off and an oil & filter change for the 1275GT. They are now


ready to go though I am planning on changing the four front brake wheel cylinders on the ’67 Countryman before too long.

The next project was playing with a B’s choke. It had a Weber carb and needed starting fluid to get going. I knew nothing about Weber carbs, so this was an interesting challenge! Turned out the problem was simple. There is a linkage from the choke system to some butterfly valves which restrict the air intake when the car is cold. The linkage had broken or come off the shaft with the butterflies on it; I couldn’t quite work out how it was held together originally. A hammer, chisel and a little bit of peening made a passable temporary repair and the linkage is now held onto the shaft, and it works. Success!

As for the GT, well it came back from the body shop with a completely invisible repair. I spent Saturday fixing the center console in place, installing the stereo and almost finishing the job. I also set up the carbs so the car idles properly. My fix with the hazard flasher didn’t work. I stupidly forgot about back feeding when using the turn signals. So that had to get reversed. All that’s left now is to install the cover over the evaporator unit, move the washer pump and get the system charged with R134a. Judging by the weather it will be just in time!

The garage will be closed the next weekend, March 28/29 because I am away on a trip. ‘Normal Service’ will be resumed on the weekend of April 4/5. Watch this space for details. It’s time to get out on the road.

-- ~~ Steve Skegg

A note of thanks.

Learning I was selected for the 2014 Cream Crackers award was a big surprise and very moving. With my illness this has been a hard year and it has prevented me from actually participating in Club events and conducting the Secrets Tour. To receive this award is a special treat and reinforcement. Nancy and I have many good memories of activities with the Club. What a great group of people!

To those who made this selection, Thank You Very Much. It is appreciated. Nancy and I hope to see y'all at the meetings and on the road again someday.

Best MG Regards,

Dan Herman

P.S. Ray and Susan Hansen and Dan and Mary Kerkman have stepped forward to conduct the Secrets of Jo Daviess County Tour this year at the end of June. Consult the Club calendar and watch the Driveline for more information. I really appreciate their efforts to keep the Secrets Tour alive. They have a good plan in place. Please give them your support by participating in the run.

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