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On March 12 we were in Rogers, Arkansas to visit Bill Watkins, a rather tall fellow who has a few BBC (Big British Cars) including a Jensen Interceptor and a large vintage Jaguar. In the evening we visited British Iron Touring Club of Northwest Arkansas who happen to have commissioned me to be guest speaker at their charity car show in September (so expect to hear more of this later). We then continued north in the night landing at Rolla, Missouri. On Friday the 13th we continued to sail up the expressway in the fast lane for several hours, arriving at my storage locker in Romeoville, Illinois before night time closing. Here we set aside the ice chest and tossed a spare rebuilt gearbox into the trailer along with some additional tools. Having beaten that deadline, I spent more hours on WiFi catching up photos and notes on past events.

The "day off" Saturday turned out to be so busy as to cancel my intention to wash the car (nothing new). Got a new PO Box key on order, picked up supplies from auto parts stores, Dropped off and picked up Navigator as he spent the day with friends. Then off to DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton to help setup for the pending Swap Meet, followed by dinner with some of the guys. Then north to spend the night with fellow CMGC member Victor L'Heureux in Crystal Lake (which translates into "not much sleep").

Very early Sunday (4 am) up and out and back to Wheaton to open the vendors' entrance for the swap meet before 6 am. Tend to vendors check in, open the shop to customers around 8, shut the gig down by 2, clean up and lock up, then back up to Crystal Lake where we could get the MGA into Vic's garage. Out came the engine and the gearbox, and the rebuilt gearbox was installed by midnight. Next day Monday the engine was reinstalled and running again (after wiring up a broken exhaust manifold). Then off to Elmhurst for the evening club meeting where John Twist was the guest speaker, and MGA guru got to present the Webmaster's report in person before a little dog and pony show to let the gang know what we have been doing for the past 10-1/2 months. Then back to Crystal Lake for the night.

With the guru's WiFi work, Vic working half a day, and some extended chat about club management issues, Tuesday seems to have come and gone with not much accomplished. Wednesday the guru had an appointment with an MGB and MGA (and the owner) in Downers Grove, followed by late lunch, followed by some phone calls, followed by a trip west to Yorkville to pick up a replacement exhaust manifold, followed by a late night run back up to Crystal Lake again (habit forming). Thursday called for R&R of carburetors and manifolds to install the replacement exhaust manifold (so the MGA is nice and quiet up front again).

Friday started with more WiFi work (finish posting swap meet photos on the club web site), followed by taking Vic and Penny out to lunch as a small gratuity for all of their hospitality. Then off to Romeoville to put the defunct gearbox and some tools back in the locker (and retrieve the ice chest) before closing time, then a bit more WiFi work. Early evening was (finally) the opportunity to spend some quality time with older daughter, followed by later night opportunity to spend some quality time with younger daughter. I can't believe we have been in the Chicago burbs for a whole week. We had been watching weather reports calling for dropping temperatures and snow by Sunday, so 1 am had us pointed south and traveling, finally nesting a half hour away from St Louis.

Today (Saturday) we are currently just two hours farther down the road sitting in Rolla, Missouri, whipping up this report to meet the deadline for submissions, but we will be moving farther south. We are of course heading back to Texas to take up where we left off on the 11th.

~~ Barney and Elliot Gaylord

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