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Convertible top tech session gone wrong
fasteners were grossly misaligned. The top had to be returned for exchange, and a week later the next top also didn't fit and was ultimately returned for refund. For the record, it was from "E-Z ON Auto Tops, LLC" (apparently mis-named).

We attended a "Tune Up Tech Session" at British Car Service in Marietta, GA, instigated by Peachtree MG Register and SouthEastern MG T Register. There were 20 LBCs visiting and at least a dozen resident cars in for work or waiting their turn, and several cars getting "tweaked" in the car park. Later we were in Chelsea, AL (south side of Birmingham) spending most of the day firing up an MG Midget that was mostly restored but hadn't run for many years. This required a change of fuel tank and rebuild of the carburetors, but it was running and test driven by day's end.

Old Car City USA in White, GA
We had stopped for a brief visit at Old Car City USA in White, GA. There are six miles of trails on 35 acres containing over 4000 cars, all American production, and all 1972 or earlier. It used to be a "junk yard" where they sold parts from the cars, but has more recently evolved into a tourist attraction, a kind of museum where you may pay a fee to take pictures. Most of the cars are deteriorated so far that parts may no longer be useful. It was a soul searching experience, sort of an elephant's graveyard.

We went somewhat out of our way to visit Frank Chance in Richmond Hill, GA. He is building a "Fun Buggy" on an MGA chassis. The was inspired by a feature article in Mechanix Illustrated magazine in June 1968. I think the original one was an exercise in cheap salvage of a defunct car. This copy is more of an upgrade that has been getting expensive with a Camaro V6 engine and automatic gearbox, Toyota truck rear axle and some modern materials used in body construction. I may have to return for a test drive when it is finished.

Fun Buggy copy and upgrade

Fun Buggy original magazine article

On March 16 we were in central Alabama for a ORF tour. This is "Old Retired Friends" who drive their MGs almost every Wednesday (weather permitting). A dozen cars seemed like a pretty good turn out for a mid-week work day. This is a special application group of the Peachtree MG Register.

We finally headed seriously north with a stop in Tennessee to adjust carburetors on a AH 3000, and fix headlights on an MGA. Two more stops in southern Indiana, including Tucker Autosport, Inc in rural Bloomington. By late night March 24 pm we landed back in the Chicago area, and will be here for a few weeks. We expect to make Natter 'n' Noggin in Downers Grove on April 12. We will for sure be attending the swap meet on April 17 and the club meeting on April 18. We hope to see as many of you as possible at these events. We will then be sailing off to Pennsylvania for a bit of rust repair and repaint on the MGA (another story for later).

Close to 23 months and 74,000 miles into this trip, it's time for another oil change.
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~~Barney & Elliot Gaylord   1958 MGA with an attitude

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