Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline April 2017

  Monthly Meeting Minutes
March 20, 2017

Victor Lheureux

33 Members in attendance

CMGC President Ray Hansen opened the meeting at 8:00 pm and welcomed visitor Honey Gaylord.

Car Projects
Steve Sparks
was having difficulty with a bouncing speedometer needle in his 1965 Midget. He removed the speedometer and sent to a company in New York for adjustments. Awaiting its return. He will also replace the cable. It was suggested to check out the connection coupler at the transmission as this has been known to cause a problem also.

Jim Compton relayed a story of visiting the Blackhawk Motor Speedway to take part in driving the Speedway course only to have his starter fail. He was able to have a club member obtain a used starter at the Swap Meet. Jim will install once he receives the part.

Dave Bralich replaced the electronic distributor with the conventional dual point mechanical distributor.

Guest Presentation
Jim Compton
provided an overview of the Low-speed vs High-speed Autocross and discussed some of the adventures experienced in past year’s racing. He reviewed this year’s schedule and offered an open invite to all the club members to join in the fun.

Barney Gaylord was in town for the Annual Swap Meet and gave a brief overview of his recent travels around the USA. Upon leaving the Chicago area, Barney will be preparing to make a trip to California for the NAMGAR convention in San Diego before heading north to Alaska and traversing Canada en route to Nova Scotia (completing a continental circle tour).

  Break/ 50:50 raffle – CMGC member – Bill Kalafut -- was the winner of $29 plus the proceeds from last month’s rollover of $27, totaling a cash bounty of $56.

Past Events (detail summaries of these events were in the April Driveline issue)
March 18 – Indoor Racing School - Blackhawk Raceway


March 19 - Swap Meet - Jim Evans noted the 21st Annual event for the club was a success with 68 vendors occupying 96 (of 102) spaces; customer count was 590. The unaudited proceeds totaled $1,340 for the club.

Upcoming Driving/Social Event Schedule (additional details of these events are in the April Driveline issue)
April 22 - Spring Tune-up
April 30 - Spring Brunch, Brian & Rose Dubin
May 7 - Spring Chicken Rally, George & Jana Phariss
May 13 - Car Care Safety Clinic for Seniors, Lisle, Jim Vondran
May 19-21 - Spring Tour, Ric & Nancy Maitzen

May 20 - Miata Autocross I, Boomers Stadium, Schaumburg, Jim Compton
June 9-11 – Dan Herman Memorial Secrets of Jo Daviess Tour
June 25-28 – MG 2017 Convention hosted by the San Diego MG Club. It is not too early to arrange for room accommodations.
September 10 – British Car Union Festival
November 5 – Fall Tune-down

Staff Reports
Membership - Victor L’Heureux
- Membership renewals are still coming in and a number of new members signed up at the Swap Meet. Actual numbers not yet compiled.
Library - Bill Mennell – No report this month
Driveline - Victor L’Heureux – No report.
Treasurer Report - Phil Wydra – The month ended with $9,827 in checking, $14,234 in savings for a total of $24,062.

New Business
Valve Grinding Machine - Jim Evans
noted that the club possesses this piece of equipment that has not been used since it was donated many years ago. The tool is professional-grade and takes up a lot of storage space. Jim asked for permission from the club to attempt selling the tool. A voice vote was taken; approved.

With no further business to discuss, president Ray Hansen closed the meeting at 9:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Victor L’Heureux
CMGC Secretary

Who is (or was) Mrs. B. Maire ????
At the swap meet last week, I acquired two old issues of Safety Fast, the official publication of the MG Car Club from England dated December 1967 and January 1968. They had a section called “All the M.G. Car Club Centres …” Yes, with the British spelling of centers and, surprisingly, periods in MG. Interestingly, there was a Chicago Centre with the contact address of a Mrs. B Maire, 3356 North Long Ave., Chicago. Does anyone remember Mrs. Maire, would she still be around, would she still have her MG, maybe one of her children has her MG now, did she maintain a photo album or any records of the Chicago Centre of the M.G. Car Club? Anything you have on Mrs. B. Maire can be send to me or directly to Greg and Victor in case it is ready to publish in one of next newsletters.
~~ ReinoutVogt

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