Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline April 2017

Post cards from Karel
An ‘Auto’biography of History

A postcard from Senigallia, Italy with a MGA with Swiss license plate VD 49574

~~Reinout Vogt         

Note from Reinout:
This is an interesting postcard from Italy, for a few reasons.
*   The MGA probably resided in the UK before it came to Switzerland as it is a RHD car.
*   The luggage rack is very wide, much wider than the racks that you usually see and that still are available.
*   The blue car in front of the MGA is the original Fiat 500. Most people only know it only by its nickname Topolino which means ‘little mouse’ in Italian. They came out is 1936 and more than half a million were built before being replaced by the next ‘real’ Fiat 500 in 1955 and the Topolino name was dropped. It looks like another Topolino is just exiting the arch.
*   The blue car on the right is a French Renault Dauphine and I guess that all the other cars are Fiats, but I would like to hear if you know the correct model names.
*   The arch is obviously the main focus of the postcard but why would you use a photo with half a pedestrian on the right, and a lady on a bicycle in the foreground.
*   And finally, no more street parking here in 2017 because it has been converted to street seating for restaurants, but there is still a bicyclist in the lower left corner. (see Google street view image on page 18)

Thanks and MGreetings,


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