Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline May 2010

Victor L'Heureux Meeting Minutes
Monday, April 19, 2010

Attendance: 34 members

The monthly meeting was called to order at 8:00 pm by President, Dave Peterson.

Dave recognized new members Peter Hays and Frank Kigyos during the meeting. Both members joined after attending the Swap Meet last month.

Upcoming Events– See details in the Driveline or on the Website of the many events available for club members in the near future.
Spring Tune-up – 04/24/10 - This event will again be at Quality Tire & Auto in Darien, IL Owner, Mark Lueck, is again graciously opening up his shop for changing you oil, making safety checks, lube jobs and other light work to get your car ready for the 2010 driving season. Bring your own oil, fluids, tools, etc. This year there will also be a parts recognition contest with prizes to be awarded after the event.
Spring Chicken tour – 05/23/10 – This popular event will be a little different this year. We will start in the western suburbs and end up in the Lake Geneva area. More details to come.
Land’s End Rally - 6/13/10 – Jim Evans noted that this rally is the oldest event sponsored by the club circa 1979-1980. The event originated in the UK and is most noted for Cecil Kimber driving his lean two-seater later nicknamed “Old No. 1” to a successful completion in the 1923 London to Land’s End Trial and won a gold medal.
Secrets of Jo Daviess County tour – 06/18-20/10 – Dan Herman gave a quick overview of the upcoming popular tour.

Technical Session – June 6th – focus will be on sheet metal work and welding.

Driving Events report – Reinout Vogt noted that this year will be filled with tours, rallies and other fun activities. Dash plaques will be prepared for all events and trophies awarded.

Treasury report – Ralph Arata presented the first quarter financial report. Current club balances are: $8,622 checking and $10,293 savings. The majority of expenses and subsequent income to-date was from the Swap Meet in February.

Club ‘Garage Sale’ – On May 15th, the club storage locker will be open for business to sell off to club members miscellaneous spare parts at bargain prices. Check the Driveline for additional details of items offered.

Guest SpeakerVanilla Gorilla Coating Systems – Tiger Ray has been a vendor for many of our club-sponsored Swap Meets and discussed the various types of coating available – Power coating, Ceramic Coating and High Performance Engine Coatings. Tiger explained the uses for each method and provided samples of finished work. A new feature available is high luster polishing. He can be reached at: or 630-668-3045.

50/50 Raffle –Craig McCloud went home $14 richer after winning tonight’s raffle.
-- Victor L’Heureux

Monthly Column of Driving Events

Well we did it! We kicked of the 2010 Driving Season with 26 attendees at the Spring Tune-up Party. We tuned-up 14 MG's, ranging from 1957 MGA to a 1980 MGB LE. And seven brave MG specialists tried their skill in the parts contest. Everybody got a dash plaque, the first of the new series. The parts contest was also the first competition for the new trophies. They are small shot glasses with the club logo on it. Printed in Gold for first, in Silver for second, and (instead of bronze) we choose British Racing Green for third. Wade Keen won by the slimmest of margins, just 1 point, over Jim Evans. Ed Misch came in third, or should we say "first of the non-professionals". Dave Brahlich, Barney Gaylord, Fred Baker, and Keith Strutz took 4th through 7th.

A few weeks ago we also had a Driving Events Planning Meeting where we tried to standardize some rules and practices for the season. We also worked on the Driving Events General Rules. This document was about four pages long and very detailed. I can only imagine that when you opened it up for the first time to see what our rallies and events where all about, you might easily have been intimidated. Maybe you thought by yourself "this is a little bit complicated, maybe I will read through it another time". And as happens so often; "the other time" never came. Well, No More in 2010. It is now just one page long and clearly lists the essentials of the program, along with the points schedule for the Season Traveling Trophies. Bill Reece promised to publish it in this newsletter if there was enough space. If not, or in case you ever need to look it up during the rest of the summer, the new rules are also posted on the club web site at: At the May club meeting we will present these General Rules and answer any questions you might have. We will also talk about gimmick rallies. The first one, The Land's end Trial, is coming up on Sunday June 13, and together with Jim Evans (the rally master for that event) we want to make sure that there are no misconceptions or unnecessary hesitation to participate in these fun events.

Also coming up are the Spring Chicken Tour and the Jo Daviess Country Secrets. Bill Reece and Dan Herman will have the details elsewhere in this issue of the Driveline and Dan will also have his famous slide presentation at the May Club Meeting.

So, please allow yourself a few minutes to take a real good look at the calendar online, and I will bring some more copies to the May Meeting also. Mark a couple of events that you want to do and saving the date and planning the trip. Please check for last

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