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“The more you drive, the more you smile”

-- Reinout Vogt

John Twist of University Motors, Ltd.
Technical Seminar at W & G Motorworks
May 15-16, 2010

W&G Motorworks Spring is here and its time to get your car going. If you missed the CMGC Tune-up Party or if you want to get an MG education from someone who has serviced these cars professionally, and more importantly, serviced them WELL for nearly 40 years, you need to make your reservation for the weekend of May 15-16 at W & G Motorworks of Homewood, IL.
As part of University Motors’ resurgence, John Twist is holding seminars with other shops to educate MG owners on the proper care and feeding of their cars. You can attend either or both days – details are below on what will be covered each day. “Tuition” is $100 per person per day, payable in advance. Lunch will be provided. To make your reservation or ask any questions, call W & G at 708-752-1701.

The first day, Saturday May 15, is the "Complete Tune." All day? For sure! The tune-up breaks into four large components:
A. Emissions ("But I've got a TD, they don't have emission parts." They sure do! And, if they're connected incorrectly your engine won't run right or will smoke!) We will discuss the evolution of the emission controls from the oil draught tube of the T types to the dual charcoal canisters of the 1980 MGBs. We'll show how to check the systems for proper operation.
B. Engine -- the important things here are the condition of the camshaft and the compression. We will examine the operation of the engine and then torque the head, adjust the valves, check the compression. The greatest technique you will learn here is how to adjust your valves in less than ten minutes!
C. Ignition -- the components here are the plugs, the coil, the distributor and wires, as well as the ignition switch. We'll show how each component works and then service the ignition components of the car we're tuning. The most important lesson here will be that exact timing is critical to engine operation.
D. Fuel -- Finally -- the carbs! The fuel system begins at the tank, and ends with the correct mixture of air and fuel entering the engine. We'll have demonstration SU carbs and examine the operation of SUs and Strombergs, with asides about the Webers. SUs are about the simplest carburetters around -- you will learn the importance of cleanliness and consistency.
This is an all day event. We have parts galore to pass around, components to open and examine, and lots of explanations on the dry-erase board. All this is combined with actually


tuning a car!
The second day, Sunday May 16, is the "Complete Lubrication" and Electrix. The Complete Lubrication takes all day to perform, so we won't actually do a complete lube, but we'll show each part and really examine those parts that are in question so often -- greasing the front wheel bearings for example.
Lucas Electrix makes a fascinating discussion, full of horror stories and easily to follow techniques for sorting out any electrical malfunction.
I have the white board and dry erase markers, I have handouts, I have props and demonstration components, I have a DVD projector with pictures, charts, and graphs. I have factory training videos. Saturday night we will spend at a local restaurant, and if we can set up the DVD projector, we'll have some entertaining MG videos.
If you are a novice, if you are an MG mechanic; if you own one, if you own a dozen, if you have a passing interest, or if MG is your passion; -- this is a weekend you do not want to miss! I’ve talked to quite a few people that want to come; If you’re thinking about it, you need to reserve your spot because each class is limited to 20 people per day!
W and G Motorworks is a proud member of the BMTA
-- Wade Keene

Spring Chicken Tour
May 23, 2010
St. Charles - Lake Geneva Express

This years Spring Chicken Tour is set up a little different from the past several years. Dave Peterson and Bill Reece are working on it together. Dave has put together a very enjoyable ride from St. Charles up to Bill’s place in Lake Geneva. In all my years of going up to the lake this was the best ride ever (this will be my new route to the lake). This route is set up for some aggressive driving as well as a “kick back” and enjoy the scenery tour. There are rolling hills, winding roads and lots of scenic views as you run through the countryside. The tour will be held on Sunday, May 23rd.
Last year we crossed some railroad tracks that didn’t have gates, well I didn’t think that would happen again. This year we are crossing three of them. Talk about a ride in the country! Everything will start from the beginning at 10:00 AM. The meeting spot will be Luau Coffee on Route 64 in Wasco / St. Charles. The coffee shop people are going to be open and ready to serve some hot coffee and such to all eager MG drivers. The address for GPS and mapquest is 40W301 Highway 64, St. Charles 60175 (it is located in a small little strip mall on the south side of 64. There is a Dairy Queen and Taylor Street
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